Species: Enegra
Home planet: Luckro
Abilities: See below
1st appearance: Noah 10-Zero Hero: Aliens Unite

Karma is an alien in Noah 10. He debuted in Noah 10-Zero Hero: Aliens Unite.


Karma is a white humanoid. He has one blue arm and one red arm. His blue arm has a red plus and his red arm has a blue minus. He has a cross on his chest. The vertical line is blue and the horizontal line is red.

Powers and Abilities

Karma has a unique ability to control karma. With his blue arm, he can fire a positive energy beam that can make weaker opponents good or absorb negative influences and shot them back as positive influences. His red arm can fire a negative energy beam that can destroy good things and use the negative energy in someone and blow them up.

Karma in Matrix Unleashed.


He cannot manipulate someone stronger than him or around his strength.


Noah 10

Ben 10: Ultimate Power

Season Two

  • The Battle Of Bellwood (first appearance)
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