Magister Karin Frikton is a Kinecelerans/Human hybrid Plumber and Magister who hailed Ben Tennyson. She first appears in No Strings Attached. In No Strings Attached, she reveals that she and Ben had once dated. This had occurred over the course of the Alien Force to Omniverse chronology. As of No Strings Attached, she was locked up after being sneak-attacked by Elena Validus.

She is finally freed in Revelation.

Back in Action: Alien Universe

  • In No Strings Attached, she made her debut when aiding in the case of how Necrofriggian Magikfest custodian Chili was robbed of his final Cyogen crystal during the night.
  • In Revelation, she is supposedly let free, as she returns to Earth on a Plumber ship while Elena Validus is in the Null Void acting as an Incarceron guard per Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi's wishes. She confesses her feelings to Cooper, but just before a kiss (which is ignited by the moment), an intrusion by Streak interrupts the two.
  • In Why Am I Here?, she worked with Cooper and Io (secretly Elena) in an attempt to recapture Null Void Incarceron escapees Mosquito, Bandit, Harry, and Overwatch.


Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • She is the second Kinecelerans/Human hybrid Plumber's kid; the first being Helen Wheels.
  • She refers to Ben as "hero", "tiger", and formally as "Mr. Tennyson."
  • She takes her job very seriously and uses her Kinecelerans form at all times when on duty.
  • She owns a high-speed Kinecelerans motorcycle that is capable of flight.
  • Her surname "Frikton" is based on the word "friction" (ironically, given Kineceleranss' anatomy is designed to combat friction, at least with the wheels capable of maximizing their speed).
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