Kari Matsumoto is a 17 year old human girl roller skater, from the year 2030. She is from an other different dimension (not from Ben Tennyson's dimension). She liks to play volleyball, she likes to chew bubble gum and the pink colour, thats why she's nicknamed Pink. She knew Borg 10 since she was 6 years old, and Emma Borg his since they where little. She realy takes care of her hair. She always had a crush on Borg 10.


She's one of the main characters of the Borg 10- Alien Rescue Squad series. She is 1/2 human and 1/2 Anodite, because her mother is an Anodite and its been a while since they met each other, and was living with her father a plumber, but he rarely at home. Her father was a friend of Borg 10's father. She has an amulet (the Mana Amulet) that increses her mana powers that was given to her by her mother that was given to her by her mother (Pink's grandmother). She shows up in the second epiosde of the Borg 10- Alien Rescue Squad series, Road Trip.


-Mana Amulet

-Air Tracks (high-tech.roller blades from the future)
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