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Karateman TANC10H scene
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source -
Body Muscular
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Karate and Taekwondo skills
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Charging into Enemies
First Appearance TBA

He is an alien from the Carl 10 franchise.


In Altermaverse, he is red/pinkish colored with yellow fingernails and toenails. He wears overalled green pants, while the overalls themself are black. He bears an black belt. He has green cuffs on his wrists. The Xtratrix symbol is located on his chest. He has black eyebrows. 


Karateman in Altermaverse.

In The All New Carl 10 Hour, he retains the same appearance, except he is a little bit more muscular.

Powers and Abilities[]

Karateman is very skilled in karate(due to his name) and taekwondo. He has enhanced super strength. His slim legs make him able to be fast, along with charging into enemies.


His feet. If they are tickled, or touched, he will keep laughing and his powers will be useless. He is also weak to energy and fire attacks.

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