General Information
Species Soshisapien
First Appearance None

Kankyō-o is the home planet of Soshisapien.


Kankyō-o is a planet similar with Earth. It has 4 oceans and two poles. It has six continents.


Each continent has a different element.

  • Fire continent: This continent is a volcanic zone with multiple molten-lava lake and river systems.
  • Earth continent: This continent is a huge desert with multiple mountains.
  • Water continent: This continent is filled with wet meadows, swamps and warm lagoons.
  • Ice continents: They are pretty much the planet's poles. They have ice caps with huge ice structures.
  • Electric continent: This continent is continuously under electric storms territory. It has metal structures acting as natural lightning rods.
  • Air continent: This continent is under storm warning continuously. Hurricanes and typhoons are a normal each day.

Notable Inhabitants


  • Kankyō is Japanese for environment.
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