Kana Sakurai
General Information
Species 1/2 Human
1/2 Shinobian
Age 40 (Omniverse flashbacks)
45 (Omniverse)
Affiliations Plumbers
Sakurai Family
Occupation(s) Plumber
Powers and abilities
Abilities Kenjutsu
Energy Manipulation
Super Speed
Plumber Training
Equipment Katana
Plumber Suit and Weapons
Relatives Nao Sakurai (husband)
Rika Sakurai (daughter)
Osamu Sakurai (father)
Junko Sakurai (mother)
Akio Sakurai (younger brother)
Kiyoshi Sakurai (younger brother)
Hiroshi Sakurai (younger brother)
Mizuki Sakurai (sister-in-law; deceased)
Chiharu Sakurai (sister-in-law)
Hisako Sakurai (sister-in-law)
Chihiro Sakurai (nephew)
Aika Sakurai (niece)
Kohaku Sakurai (nephew)
Hitomi Sakurai (niece)
Yoshito Sakurai (nephew)
Hotaru Sakurai (niece)
Shiki Sakurai (nephew)
Shiori Sakurai (niece)
Kaoru Sakurai (great-niece; alternate timeline)
Kaori Sakurai (great-niece; alternate timeline)

Kana Sakurai is the older sister of Akio, Kiyoshi and Hiroshi Sakurai


Kana has short hair and brown eyes and wears a Plumber's suit.


Like all Shinobians, Kana is serious and stoic. Despite her seriousness, she is some of a stalker, as she has a copy of the key of Rika's room and invades her privacy just because, in her opinion, she is still a teenager.

Powers and Abilities

Being part-Shinobian, Akio can generate and manipulate water, ice and energy.

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