General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Reflexes, Retractable Talons, Sharp Elbow Blades, Powerful Kicking.
First Appearance Setting the Board


Not much is known about Kalkin's history, but at some point, he was hired by Doctor Phantomos and was given special armor to use against the Plumbers.

He plays dumb a lot of the time, pretending to be just another meathead lackey, but the moment he is in combat, he becomes incredibly serious and is a true contender against even physically superior opponents.


  • Weapon Bracelets

These are special bracelets equipped with Laser blasters, Grappling hook launchers, Mini Rocket launchers and a miniature computer for hacking his way into places. They also inject a mild Steroid into his bloodstream, increasing his strength 1.5X.

  • Weapon Jacket

Laser-proof, Bullet-proof, Stab-proof, this jacket will take hits that most solid blocks of metal won't. it also contains Chest mounted gattling cannons concealed in the chest compartment, as well as a Jet-pack for flight. who says Chickens can't fly?

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