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Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: -Attacking an Officer


-Attempt to takeover kingdom

Goal: -To win over Brandon's love
-To rule over the Datarian Kingdom
Abilities: Energy Sword

Battle Armor

1st appearance: Princess Problems
Arch-enemy: King Sovach
Any Female associated with Brandon Tennyson
Henchmen/Leader: Datarian Guards
Kalina is a villain in Brandon 10.


In Alien Force, Kalina is a red-like humanoid female with long, orange hair and blue eyes. During her sabotaging and other occasions, she would wear a dark hood however her regular outfit is a sort of alien gown with a tiara. When attempting a marriage, she wore a red dress. She also wears battle armor for battles.

In Ultimate Hero, her appearance does not change majorly from her Alien Force appearance.

Powers and Abilities

It is unknown if she has special abilities but she possesses a big, energy sword and the durability of her battle armor. She is also skilled in science, being head of the science labs on Disputis, being able to create or at least work with chemicals and technology.




Kalina's goal is to be wedded to Brandon and forever be in love. Her another goal is to obtain control over her father's empire.


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


  • She is the first princess to appear in Alien Force.
  • She is the first villain to have Brandon as a love interest.
  • Her character was inspired by Starfire from DC Comics.
  • Despite being in love with Brandon, she'd still fight him which may seem confusing however makes complete sense to her.
  • She is so obsessed that she attempted to injure her own mother and kingdom.


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