Kalin Adamov
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Eastern Europe
Age 10 (Flashbacks)
13 (Flashbacks)
15 (Special & Season 1)
16 (Season 2)
Status Alive
Height 170 cm
Weight 65 kg
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Alias Kalin Bloodson
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Slightly Enhanced Strength
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Sveta Adamova
Stan Adamov
Alexander Adamov (brother)
Alexis Adamova (sister)

Kalin Stanov Adamov is a human from the Planet Earth. He's the wielder of the Omnitrix and goes by several different aliases, the most common of which is Kalin Bloodson.


He has brown hair and eyes with an average physique for his age. When he first came across the Omnitrix, Kalin wore a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath, along with white pants and black boots. This outfit became the standard for the winter seasons of the next three years of his life. Since he first found it, the Omnitrix would remain on his left wrist.

During summer, Kalin would wear various short-sleeved shirts and shorts with blue sandals.

At some point before the present, Kalin would start to wear a black shirt with blue stripes and the number 10 on the center of his chest, with blue pants and black loafers. He would wear these clothes even during the winter with a grey jacket over his shirt.

At school, Kalin now wears the standard school uniform which consists of a red jacket over a white dress shirt with a black tie and black pants.



Unknown to Kalin, the boy's existence originally began inside Evan's imagination as a character created by him. Eventually, however, these thoughts reached a lower stage of reality where they began to form their own universe, and eventually, Kalin himself was 'born'.


Unlike his brother, Kalin was very active and friendly, spending all of his free time outside, playing with his friends. He kept that friendly nature even during school, but as time went on, he began to slowly stop going outside, deciding to spend his free time inside, playing video games and watching YouTube videos.

During one winter night, at around the age of 10, Kalin was out on a walk with his brother. The two saw something crashing into the nearby forest. There they found the capsule that contained the Omnitrix and its perfected version, the Omnimatrix. As soon as they found the devices, they firmly affixed themselves onto the boys' wrists.

The two were later called by an alien called Zarmaruk, who had sent the devices to Earth in hope of finding suitable hosts who could protect the universe from an alien empire armed with a mass-produced, inferior version of the devices they had. In truth, Zarmaruk sent the Omnimatrix to Earth because he figured that humans would be smart enough to be able to use the device, but stupid enough to not figure out its true potential.

After the empire was defeated and the fake Omnimatrices destroyed, Zarmaruk disabled the Master Control and ran away (to avoid getting sued for stealing the devices by their real creator). With that, the two were left on their own to try and figure out what to do with the new power they were given and eventually decided to use the watches to fight crime and make money.

At some point, Omnimatrix Mark 2, an updated sapient version of the original device crashed on Earth and after using DNA from one of Alex's cousins to repair its own, damaged, human DNA, the new Omnimatrix became Alexis and was adopted into the family. She locked many of the alien forms that remained active after the deactivation of the Master Control and helped the brothers in fighting crime. The three of them then used their aliens to build a base of operation in the forest where the Omnitrix first crashed.


According to Evan, Kalin was created as a sort of stand-in for his sister, Avice. Because of that, their personalities have several similarities, being the more friendly sibling. Unlike Avice who with time became less like her brother, Kalin became more like his brother, turning into another shut-in that's awkward around people and dislikes having conversations with people he doesn't know. Though Kalin was the more compassionate of the two siblings, one thing the two would agree on was that saving people for free is exploitation of child labor, and unlike his brother, Kalin has less of a problem stealing from others.

As a shut-in, Kalin spent most of his time in front of a computer, and when he wasn't there, he would be doing something crazy, dangerous, and probably illegal with his siblings.

Like his brother, Kalin put his family before everything else. Though because of his more carefree upbringing he would end up becoming the bigger headache for their parents, who would often find themselves having to clear after the mess left by him. Kalin is also the more headstrong of the brothers and never accepts no for an answer. If he wanted something done, it had to be done, and it had to be done at the moment. If not by his parents, them by him.

Like his brother, Kalin has no idea what to do with his life, but his dreams are big. Confident that he can do whatever he wishes, Kalin often jumps head-first into the action, completely forgetting how badly he got his butt kicked the last time he tried that approach.

Unlike his brother, he doesn't have any negative views on others, be it humans or aliens. For Kalin, things were simple. Beat the bad guy of the day, get paid, go home.

Skills and Abilities

Having spent six years of his life fighting against various villains, aliens and whatnot, Kalin had become an experienced fighter. As opposed to his brother, he dislikes overthinking things and prefers the direct approach to a situation. Because of that, he had become a very experienced hand-to-hand fighter not just as an alien, but also as a human - a skill that had become only better with the Omnitrix's slow augmentation of his body. However, he lacks in some other regards. Though Kalin's not stupid, far from that, because he spent most of his life being spoonfed necessary knowledge by his parents, and his brother, Kalin never really developed the ability to make the logical connection between cause and effect or assimilate new facts. As a result, he often tries the same moves, no matter how many times they get countered.


Kalin's primary equipment is the Omnitrix, which allows him to turn into various alien forms. Not even Kalinknows how many forms were unlocked at the beginning, as Master Control was temporally unlocked soon after he acquired the device in order to help him fight off an alien invasion. After the crisis ended, Kalin had at least a few hundred forms unlocked, many of which he had never used or knew to have existed.

With the arrival of Omnimatrix Mark 2, aka Alexis on Earth, she locked most of the forms, leaving only three active playlists, or 30 aliens, though, with time, Kalin had managed to acquire a few more samples.

The power to transform into various life forms however came and with several limitations. Not only does Kalin gain the weaknesses of the selected alien, along with the powers, but he can only stay into one form for 15 minutes before he times out. Although the Omnitrix has the same drawback of draining a random amount of the watch's active time when transforming from one alien into another, because Kalin hasn't figured out how to use it, this limitation doesn't affect him.

Unlike the Omnimatrix, the Omnitrix is susceptible to electromagnetic interferences, which can cause the watch to turn its user into a form different from the selected one.


  • Kalin has several copies of the clothes he wears, which is why it seems that he's always wearing the same thing.
    • Most of these clothes were from donations that his mother was able to take from her previous workplace before it closed down.
  • Kalin prefers using the Tetramand form above most others because of its simplicity.
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