Kai Green is Ben's first love interest, who makes her debut appearance in Benwolf. Three years later, she transferred to Bellwood And became Loboan.

Powers, Abilities and Capabilities

Kai as a Loboan has enhanced strength, supposedly being able to lift approximately 500 lbs. In addition to her formidable claws, fangs and normal size, she can emit an unusually strong and destructive, bright green-colored, glowing, visible, ultrasonic howl if the parts of his quadra-hinged muzzle are opened and a wolf-like howl is released.


====Original series

Kai green age 10


Kai is the grand daughter of Wes Green, a friend and former partner of Grandpa Max. She first appeared doing a spiritual dance in the episode Benwolf. She was Ben's first crush, but she only took interest in him after he started becoming Benwolf because she wanted to, as quoted, "train and tame him". She did have an interest in him before he turned into Benwolf but the interest was about the Omnitrix. When she admitted to this, Gwen gave her a stern talking too. She made a cameo appearance in Ben's dream world in Perfect Day, though it was only a dream.

Ben 10: Reloaded

She is transfer student at their school. She already met Ben and Gwen. her transform became Loboan (a female Loboan). In the end, She transfers to Academy. Then, she will come back soon. According to Elghin, Kai Green will return. She is with her grandpa, brother, and grandmother. She married Elghin because Julie wanted to marry Ben.

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