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This story takes place in an alternate timeline where Kai,the hero of the story found the Alfatrix a tool that allows him to turn into different aliens.Also this is set on Dimension-20120,Earth-1020.


I'm thinking of only uploading Episodes weekly,why? Because first I need to clear off my head and think of better plot points.Second I think some pages are just unorganized so I am taking a day to organize some of them.And also Re-Write some episodes for a better origin of the character and better personalities.

Planned episodes (W/ the date just 'cuz)

Kai 20: Aliens In Danger
General Information
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Season 1 (Currently)
5 (Planned)
First Aired 03/08/2016
Last Aired 29/09/2016
Episodes 9 (Currently)
21 (Planned)
Creator(s) Jose
Series Guide
Preceded by None
Succeeded by None

Season 1

  1. A New Hero Is Born! (Day 3|Year:2018|Month:February)
    1. A New Hero Is Born! (Rewritten Version)
  2. The Assassin VS The Sludge (A Week after the last episode)
  3. The Fury Of The Fur (Four Weeks after the last episode)
  4. Enter The Ten! (Right After the last episode)
  5. Ben,We Have A Problem. (3 Days after the last)
  6. Rivalry Of The Watches (A day after the last)
  7. The Time-Breaker (A Week after the last)
  8. The Return (Two days after the last)
  9. Negative We Stand (A Day after the last)
  10. Villainous 4 (A Month Later;Season Finale)

Season 2

  1. Where The Dimensions Fight Part 1 (An Year After The Last One)
  2. Where The Dimensions Fight Part 2 (Right After The Last One)
  3. Alfatrix Problems (Two Days After The Last One)
  4. Goodknight Forever... (A Day After The Last One)
  5. Like Dead Father,Like Dead Son. (Six Days After The Last One)
  6. Albedo's Revenge....Again. (A Day After The Last One)
  7. Wolf In Partner's Clothing. (A Week Before The Last One)
  8. XX=Kai+3!?. (Three Weeks After The Last One)
  9. The DNAse.(A Month After The Last One;Season Finale)

Season 3


Season 4


Season 5


  • The Last Stance (Part 1)
  • The Last Stance (Part 2;Ending)



  • None.


  • None.


  • One Day Being Him.(Non-Canon;While the episode Where the Dimensions Fight Part 1 is ocurring)
  • The Day Of Tomorrow.(Canon;Future Unknown date.)
  • XX=Kai+3!? (Canon;Episode 7)



To be added/Fixed

  • Make seperated pages for Ultimates.