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Creator ISM
Co-Writers N/A
Art Designer(s) and Others TBD
Seasons 1 (as of rn)
Episodes 10
Created on 30/04/2017
Rating PG
Preceeded By Ben 10 (OS)
Succeeded by N/A

Kai is a series by ISM that follows Kai Tennyson on his journey to bring peace to himself and the world. It is supposed to have 1 season, and it was created on the 30th of April 2017.


Set 30 years after the end of Ben 10, Kai is about Ben's son, Kai, who lives with his mother Isabelle, who Ben met shortly after the First Universal War where the Methanosians decided to steal a piece of Eternal Fire from the Pyronites' planet. Kai is entrusted with the Omnitrix as Ben goes into hiding.. unfortunately he is not the only one alerted of the Omnitrix's availability.


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  • Kai - A 15 year old boy without his father who desperately tries to be normal despite his father's achievements and reputation.
  • Ben - A 40 year old man who had to leave Isabelle in custody of Kai as 2 potential users of the Omnitrix could cause major problems. This reason is not known to Kai.
  • Isabelle - A 37 year old woman who keeps care of Kai having lost her Methanosian abilities and form due to her allegiance during the First Universal War.
  • Fole - Ben's employee who helps Kai along his journey.


  • Gwen - A 40 year old woman driven by jealousy of Ben immediately hates Kai.. but as she realises that she can't use the Omnitrix decides to help Kai.
  • Kevin - A 41 year old man who has no time for any humans.. only stops wreaking havoc when Ben is restraining him. Sees Ben in Kai and therefore changes.


  • Phoenix - Born from the ashes of the Methanosian sufferers - he wants to end every single sample of Pyronite DNA so that they cannot be recreated.
  • Lode - A human who was fused with technology after being captured by Galvanic Mechamorphs.
  • Derek Fyne - A warlord who is very interested in human technology and weapons, having developed them to the fullest for his highest-level soldiers.
  • TBA