These are all the episodes in the series called Kai.

Season 1

Title Number Written By Air Date
The Return 1.01 ISM 30/04/17
Ben left Kai's mother when Kai was born, as Ben sensed Kai's aptitude for using the Omnitrix would clash with his and cause danger. Kai is sent a mysterious package for an early birthday present and told not to open it until he turns 16.... in ten days.
Hunted 1.02 ISM 01/05/2017
Kai is partying four days before he turns 16, and something causes the block to fall, sending everyone into curiosity. The Omnitrix is used, and Kai wants to know where his mother is.
The Show of Greatness 1.03 ISM TBD
Kai and Fole are sent on a mission to bargain with Gooba the merchant to get a precious artifact before being trusted to go on a dangerous search mission. However, everything in the world of the Plumbers is more difficult than it seems.
Mission Briefing 1.04 ISM TBD
Kai meets some colleagues of his dad, and learns of his current mission - to help Earth become more technologically advanced. Kai also learns something he wishes he could forget.
Canine Collection 1.05 ISM TBD
Kai and Fole meet a man in Newcastle who is obsessed with Vulpimancers. He keeps them captive and treats them unfairly, taking some of their DNA to aid his own transformation into a Vulpimancer/Human hybrid.
The Fyne-al Battle 1.06 ISM TBA
Kai and Fole arrive in Scotland.
Four Fest 1.07 ISM TBA
Sssh! Spoilers
How to be Normal 1.08 ISM TBA
Kai decides that taster of alien combat was enough for him, and goes out, finding a girl, asks her out, and tries to preserve what is still normal in his life. Others decide, that, that isn't happening.
Astro 1.09 ISM TBA
Sssh! Spoilers.
Idol's Aren't Always What You Expect 1.10 ISM TBA
Sssh! Spoilers.

Season 2

Title Number Written By Air Date
Kevin 2.01 ISM TBD
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