The Ka Pultu are a species from the planet Ka Haunua, and are Groundcicle's species.


Ka Pultu look like large eggs with frog legs. Their bodies tend to be earthy colors, while they have large arms made of water.


  • Ka Pultu have control over earth, plants, ice, and water.
  • Their earth powers make the Ka Pultu very excellent diggers.
  • Their water powers give the Ka Pultu the ability to breath and swim at high speeds underwater.
  • In cold enough climates, a Ka Pultu's arms turn into ice forms, enhancing their cryokinetic abilities.


  • The Ka Pultu are not very fast out of the water.
  • A Ka Pultu can have its arms evaporate, although it can easily regenerate them by manipulating the water in the air around it once it gets to an area cool enough to do so.
  • The bodies of the Ka Pultu are top heavy, and tend to fall over when their arms evaporate due to a lack of balance as well as their arms being a good way to just keep them upright.

Notable Ka Pultu

  • Groundcicle (The Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Ka Pultu)
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