All your stinking has got me thinking...about flying!

–Koji's quote.

Kōji Nakamura (中村弘二) is a 10 year old 5th grade student who becomes Stinkfly with his Stinkfly DISK. His Exo-Hero code is X-7.

Form, Powers, and Abilities

Exodus Stinkfly

Accepted. Materializing: Lepidopterran Identity.

–Stinkfly DISK's transformation announcement

Stinkfly! Disk Mash!

–Kenji's transformation announcement

Exodus Stinkfly.

As Stinkfly, Koji possesses two insectoid wings that allow quick and agile flying, and can change directions at exceptional paces.

Koji can excrete high pressured streams of some green viscous liquid from two ducts located inside his shoulders. These liquids can either be made flammable or into an immobilizing adhesive. Said liquids are also immune to being exploited and controlled by Polymorphs.

Besides liquids, Koji can release methane gas from the ducts in his shoulders.

Koji's exoskeletal body is fairly strong, allowing him to survive unscathed while being smashed through buildings and being caught inside a large explosion.

Koji has great strength in proportion to his body, able to carry heavy loads while maintaining steady flight.

Koji glows in the dark.


Koji is extremely weak to any kind of chemical, poison, or gas. This can include his own poison gas.

Although his exoskeleton body is fairly strong, Koji's wings are very fragile. Water is especially a problem for him, as it can render him incapable of flight if too much gets on his wings.

Koji can be frozen by ice.

A more minor inconvenience is Koji's odor, so hiding from anything or anyone that can smell can be a problem. Also, his glow can make him spotted.

Koji's flammable gases can be used against him if he is inside them.

Koji is vulnerable to electricity, as it can render him unconscious if he takes too much damage.

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