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The Justitrix was created by the Green Galvan, the Green Lanern of Sector 187501. He designed it to help bring peace to the Milky Way, as it was the most crime-filled and violent galaxy in the multiverse. Researching, he saw that the planet known as Earth was in the greatest need of this device. He sent the Justitrix there, since it was the most crime-filled planet in the Milky Way since the Justice League disbanded.

The Justitrix allows its user to turn into any sentient being in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, as a failsafe, only ten extraterrestrials are activated at first. It looks like the Omnitrix from Alien Force.

The Justitrix will be used in the upcoming series Gale 10: The Last Hero.

Gale's first aliens will be:

  • Terra- Triceraton DNA Sample
  • Hawk- Thanagarian DNA Sample
  • Ax- Andalite DNA Sample
  • Trand- Tetramand DNA Sample
  • Tornado- Android 'DNA' Sample
  • Cy- Cyborg DNA Sample
  • Drago- Dragon DNA Sample
  • Korn- Hork-Bajir DNA Sample
  • Flamethrower- Pyronite DNA Sample
  • Rhyno- Rhinocerian DNA Sample