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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.
Just Like The Simulations is the thirty-fourth episode of Evfnye 10.


The episode starts with Evfnye entering a cave he found, transforming into Crabclaw and starting to mine a stone. He found a crystal he doesn't recognize, and wants to study it on the surface. As soon as he exits, however, a spaceship lands in front of him. Evfnye recognizes it, and Ketu exits from the said vehicle. He invites Evfnye in his spaceship and brings him to space. Evfnye is asking a lot of questions, and Ketu patiently explains. He asks Evfnye whether he has a Polymorph in his Omnitrix, who answers about Goop. Ketu then clarifies that the source of Goop's DNA was SupresLime, who is a dangerous ally of Neuroticus, a Cerebrocrustacean who tried to assassinate the narrator. Ketu ends his story saying Evfney needs to go to the Cosmic Academy to improve his skills, in case of danger or an attack from SupresLime. He arrives to a cosmic port, where he leaves Evfnye. The latter then meets some aliens. One of them, who seems like the captain of a ship, tells Evfnye to go into chamber 394, where hw will meet his roommates, who are also Humans. He meets Nicole Greenwich and Jerald Walker, who are Plumber kids with no parents. They talk a bit and Evfnye discovers that Nicky has a computer as a life support, which enhances her coordination. This computer has some additions by Jerry.

When they arrive, an unknown species alien named Magister Milich tells them that the academy course willl take 500 milliortex (which is approximately 7 days).

The lessons start in an accelerated time, and the only notable scene is now the lesson of the teacher named Professor DerMurray, who is a Chimera Sui Generis teaching planetology. The three humans students complain about the lesson being only theorical and as such boring, when Magister Milich uses distance communication to say that an attack has been spotted. Evfnye and some others want to prevent the attack and show they are trained, but DerMurray shouts at everyone to evacuate. Evfnye, sadly, goes away, telling Nicky and Jerry that he could handle the attacker, who is Synapse. Turns out that she defeated some of the best warriors of the academy, so Evfnye can't stand this anymore, turns into Stinkfly and fights off Synapse's minions. Then he gets complimented by Magister Milich, but flies away, as he feels timing-out. He blends in with the crowd, and pretends he had nothing to do with Stinkfly, the heroic Lepidopterran who defeated Synapse. Later, Ketu takes Evfnye and brings him inside a Space Station which reproduces a miniature planet. Evfnye would be supposed to live here as long as Earth is quarantined. Nicky and Jerry follow him and say they will temporaly live with him.

Noteworthy Events

  • Evfnye completes galactic training, then leaving Earth.
  • Ketu returns.
  • Nicky Greenwich and Jerry Walker make their debuts as characters. Along with them, Magister Milich and Professor DerMurray debut.
  • It is revealed that Neuroticus created the virus that infected Earth.




Aliens Used


  • Crabclaw was singing Jordan Maron's Revenge at the beginning.
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