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Juryrigg is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Planchaküle from the planet Aul-Turrhen.


Juryrigg now has white hair, devilish wings and wears a mechanic outfit. He also wears black boots and the Omnitrix symbol is located on his belt. He has dark red horns and a white moustache.


Juryrigg has a strong desire to break and remake machines, making him difficult to control.

Juryrigg has a mischievous (and twisted) sense of humor, as seen when he turned Will Harangue into an alien as punishment for all the smear campaigns and crimes he committed against Ben and other aliens.

Juryrigg has several catchphrases, such as "Juryrigg disassemble!", "FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX!", and "Reassemble, disassemble!"

Powers and Abilities

Juryrigg has the ability to completely disassemble any kind of machinery in mere seconds, fitting to his Gremlin appearance. Despite it being harder for him to do due to his craving to destroy things, Juryrigg can also construct complex machinery from scratch at a similar rate.

Juryrigg has enhanced strength for his size, being able to break both a metal car brake in half and some metal bars that even an Appoplexian could not break. Juryrigg has a degree of enhanced agility, and, as in accordance with his break it/fix it attributes, Juryrigg boasts an impressive intellect, describing himself as "smart and stubborn".


Being small makes Juryrigg unsuitable for hand-to-hand combat against larger opponents, unless they happen to be machines, in which case, he can dismantle them in seconds. As mentioned above, Juryrigg has a near uncontrollable habit of breaking and assembling machinery.

Like his name, most of the devices Juryrigg creates are basically on-the-fly or 'jury-rigged'. They are not normally meant to last and will eventually fail. Juryrigg's creations can also be unstable and hard to control, much like Juryrigg himself.





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