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Jury Rigg
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General Information
Body Gremlin
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fix Machinery

Break Machinery

Enhanced Agility

First Appearance Dr Animos Mutation

Jury Rigg is an alien form in the Omnitrix.


Jury Rigg is a small but deadly alien form. He is able to break machinery then fix it in record time he is used mostly for machinery to take it down or rebuild it.


  • Fix Machinery: Jury Rigg can fix machinery at a very fast rate
  • Break Machinery: Jury Rigg can break machinery equally fast
  • Enhanced Agility: Jury Rigg is very flexible


  • He can't control his urge to break machinery.

Ben 10: Omniverse Good VS Evil

  • Dr Animos Mutation: Jury Rigg is used to destroy Dr Animos machine only to be to late he then witnesses Dr Animos mutation form.
  • The Waters Of Zeonz: Jury Rigg is used to try and destroy the water absorbing machine but fails he then turns into Upgrade.


  • Dr Animos Mutation
  • The Waters Of Zeonz


  • Jury Rigg will be used alot in this series.
  • Gwen doesn't like Jury Rigg.


120px-Omniverse Jury Rigg-1-.png