Jury Rigg
General Information
Species Planchaküle
Home World Aul-Turrhen
Body Gremlin
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Breaking Machinery
Fixing Machinery
Modifying Technology
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Speed (while breaking/fixing machinery)
Enhanced Jumping
First Appearance TBA

Jury Rigg is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Planchaküle from the planet Aul-Turrhen.


He has his OV appearance but in Monster Musume anime style. His ascot is green, his googles' rims are black and the other white parts are black.

Powers and Abilities

Has enhanced intelligence.

Has the ability to disassemble or destroy all kind of mechanisms and rebuild them as different and improved weapons.


Is not very good melee fighting for its size, unless his opponent is a machine.

His crazy behavior does have an uncontrollable habit of destroying and assemble mechanisms.

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