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General Information

Vineatis Porcina

Home Planet:




Other Info

Pulse Stopping
Elastic Thorns
Wall Climbing
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility


Mana Users
Thin Spine
Low Durability

Jungleweed is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vineatis Porcina from the planet Saltu-Silvam in Ben 10: Time's End.


Jungleweed is a long, animalistic alien. His head and lower body are connected by a much thinner spinal chord which is lined with thorns. From behind his eyes are two long front legs, paired up with two small legs from his lower body. His dark green fur ends at his face and ankles, revealing his tan skin around his mouth and frog-like feet. Jungleweed has six eyes, three on each side of his head. Each eye is a different shade of green and has a single pupil in it. He wears the Omnitrix on his forehead.


  • Jungleweed's primary ability is his elasticity. His body is quite agile and flexible, which, when paired with his elasticity, turns him into an unpredictable whirlwind of movement. In forests, such as those on his homeworld, Jungleweed's elasticity can help him camouflage with vines.
  • To help with his camouflage, Jungleweed can stop his pulse, going limp like an actual vine.
  • Although not a plant, Jungleweed has thorns growing on his body that can change in size.
  • Jungleweed can climb walls.


  • Vulpimancers and mana users can detect him. However, in forests with a thick enough smell, he can bypass the Vulpimancers.
  • Jungleweed's spine is very thin to allow for his elasticity, and this can cause it to be snapped easily if caught on something. He is also not very durable, with his thorns being his only means of defense.






  • Jungleweed's name is a play on "jungle" and "tumbleweed."
  • Jungleweed's species name is a play on the Latin words "vinea," meaning vine, and "caveatis porcina," meaning camouflage.
  • Jungleweed's planet name is a play on the Latin words "saltu," meaning jungle, and "silvam," meaning forest.


  • Jungleweed's eyes being different shades of green is a nod to the fan idea to give ChamAlien different shades of green for his eye colors to act as a compromise for giving him all green eyes to begin with, even though that's a mistake and you know it.
  • Ethan helped with ideas for Jungleweed's powers.
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