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This is not an episode there were people on chat saying they were not voting for him because he has not made an appearance so im giving him an appearance.

Setting: *Grand Canyon*

Forevor Knight: *Attempts To Hit Ben With Sword*

Ben: *Transforms* Jumbo! *Punches Forevor Knight*

Forevor Knight #2: *Jumps On Jumbo's Back*

Jumbo: *Throws Forevor Knight*

Forevor Knight Swarm: *Charges At Ben*

Jumbo: Not good! *Blasts The Knights With Water And Short Circuts Their Armor*

Mysterious Knight: *Appears Out Of No Where And Uses Sonic Punch Against Jumo*

Jumbo: *Crashes Into Cliff And Blasts Mysterious Knight With Sonic Roar* Is that all you got?

Mysterious Knight: No.

Forevor Knight Army: *Teleports Into A Circle Sarrounding Ben*

Jumbo: *Blasts The Army With Water And Short Circuts Them*

Mysterious Knight: *Punches Jumbo With Sonic Fist And Sheiled*

Jumbo: *Crashes Through Several Rock Walls And Can Barely Breath*

Mysterious Knight: *Picks Up Jumbo By The Trunk*

Jumbo: Who are you?

Mysterious Knight: *Takes Offf Mask* Spend 6 years in the null-void and you pick up a few tricks!

Jumbo: *Blasts Armor with water and Punches Him one last time* Say your last words!