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Julius Nathaniel Tennyson is the current defender of Earth, user of the Bio-Core, and the first victim of Vilgax's plague.


Julius is the great-grandson of Ben and Ester Tennyson, grandson of Ken and Yoko, and the son of Alvana and Brianna.


Julius is generally seen as a heroic and righteous figure, albeit with a certain bit of cockiness that comes from being the latest in a family of heroes. Whenever defeating a supervillain, he tends to show off, often doing various action poses and making his moves fairly flashy. He's also aware of the power of marketing to nostalgia and children, as he was the one to program an evolutionary feature into the Bio-Core, not for any functional reason, but simply to help sell toys.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Being partially Kraaho as well as Anodite, Julius possesses minor limb extension as well as slight mana manipulation, although the latter is something he's only dabbled in once or twice, despite knowing a decent amount of magic, though pronunciation for spells is something he always stumbles with.

Julius is also very skilled at hand-to-hand combat, being able to go up against various Tetramand opponents while not transformed, though he would spend many of those fights trying to avoid blows, while waiting for openings to deliver ones of his own.

He's also the wielder and partial creator of the Bio-Core, the successor to the Biomnitrix. After years of using it in the field, as well as years practicing in VR, Julius is an expert of picking out what aliens are suitable to certain situations.


Fracture Point


  • Julius's name is inspired by Julius Belmont from the Castlevania series, as both of them are the last known members of a legendary bloodline.