Jules is a lead character in both Sol 10 and Sol 101. He serves as the primary narrator of both stories.

Quick Stats
Homeworld Earth
Species Human
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City of Lore

For a time, Jules was a resident of the City of Lore. He was eventually kicked out. As punishment, his Holy MacGuffins were stripped of him (including the Omnitrix) (though Jules manages to snuggle out his Velvet Revolver for self-defense) and he was sentenced to menial labor under the time god Solmas. Solmas entrusted Jules with a very lofty task; being the narrator and writer of Sol 10 and Sol 101.

Jules' exile and subsequent employ under Solmas on Earth placed him far away from his beloved girlfriend, and he seeks to return to her as soon as possible.

Events of Sol 10

The events of Sol 10 are considered a doomed timeline; thus, they are not canon.

Events of Sol 101

Sol 101 hasn't debuted yet, you big dummy. Why would I tell you anything?


Jules has short brown hair and eyes of an unimportant color. He chooses to wear shades indoors because he is kind of an asshole.

He has a somewhat scrappy build; he isn't the most brawny nor is he super scrawny. He sports a decent tan.


Jules is generally apathetic to the plights of others. He is somewhat arrogant, though he is not arrogant enough to underestimate Crimelord Direhart. He is not exactly reckless, though he does prefer nipping things in the bud rather than long, drawn out efforts.

Jules' primary motivation is to return to his girlfriend and/or end his banishment from the City of Lore as soon as possible. For this task, he is ridiculously impatient.


City of Lore

Jules does not support the City of Lore. He views them as haughty and arrogant, and holds their own elitism in utter disdain. He certainly holds his own banishment and exile against them.

All things considered, though, Jules believes that the universe does deserve some form of goverment "for the people"; the City of Lore's meritocracy is much better than whatever form of government Crimelord Direhart wants to institute.

Crimelord Direhart

Jules and Crimelord Direhart were once great friends, though they have since been torn apart because of Crimelord Direhart's rebellion against the City of Lore. On principle, Jules could not ever support Crimelord Direhart or his rebellion; he views Direhart as a monstrous twist of his old friend. Additionally, any action in support of Direhart would prevent Jules from ever seeing his girlfriend again, so Jules dares not even think of extending an olive branch.

It is undisclosed if Crimelord Direhart's previous relationship was purely platonic, or if it contained romantic or sexual elements.


Jules used to wield the Omnitrix and likely several other Holy MacGuffins. His last remaining MacGuffin is his Velvet Revolver.


  • Jules was very obviously inspired by Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, who often uses the shorthand name "Jules".
  • He was also inspired by Tommy Oliver of Power Rangers fame and Handsome Jack from the Borderlands franchise of video games.
  • His role in the story was also inspired by Wayward Vagabond from Homestuck.
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