Juggerknot is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an unknown species from the planet Elasticopia.

General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Elasticopia
Body String Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Flexibility

Super Strength

Enhanced Agility

Stretchable Limbs

Stretchable Body Ropes

Strong Kicks

Space Survivability

Enhanced Durability

First Appearance The New Old Basics, Part 2


Juggerknot appears to look like a giant rope creature that appears to have extremely big muscles and extremely large pink, red, and purple (very little amount) roped arms. He has an entire roped body with those colored ropes and two small eyes on his head and a small mouth with sharp teeth. He has five fingers on his hands and four toes on his feet. His legs are also extremely muscular and he appears to be wearing atheletic pants (VERY similar to Humungousaur's but with orange and white) on. He wears the gamatrix symbol on his pants (upper part like a belt). He is also skinny at the waist area, narrowing down to his legs and pants (sort of like Big Chill in OV). 

Powers & Abilities

Juggerknot's powers are to use his ropes which bend very far and are really strong by his force, like Benmummy. He has super strength and is extremely strong (as seen and described in appearence). He can also greatly run and can do some jumps but regular jumps. He can also regenerate his ropes in case they rip apart.


Juggerknot's weaknesses are that if his ropes get run over by something.


In The New Old Basics, Part 2, Juggerknot was introduced was used to stop the machine, Tyere, and his lackies.

In Breached Would Be A Relevant Term, Juggerknot saved Maltha and himself from space.

In Sound of Silence, Juggerknot was used to try and shake down Splot.

In The Very Wild Northeast, Fasttrack was intended and Juggerknot did nothing. 

In An Abnormal Day High Up, Juggerknot defeated the guards. 

In Keystone Number 13, Juggerknot was used to fight the gargoyle guards. 

In The Year of the Dragon Men, Juggerknot was used 3 times; 1st time to be dunked, 2nd time to chase after the dragon men, and 3rd time to pick up a roof from a rubble pile. 

In Ascending Troubles, Juggerknot broke open a door. 

In Space Dudes, Juggerknot manually tried to pick rooberries but failed.

In New Horizons, Juggerknot was used once to confront and stop Sunder. He was a second time to clean up the plumber facility. 

In The Roller Ghoster Ride, Juggerknot fought Zs'Skayr. 

In Lonesome Ranger, Juggerknot fought off Jackel.

In Satisfaction Day, Juggerknot chased after Gim and failed. Gim used him also to fight Mig. 

In The Mesmerizing Sector, Juggerknot lifted the Affectu. 

In A Natural Selection, Part 1, Juggerknot battled Shiar. 

In The Rules of Frozen Yogurt, Juggerknot battled Deristroll. 

In Hour of Darkness, Part 2, Juggerknot fought Romatron but failed. 

In Progress, Juggerknot was used by Gim to lift Azmuth. 


In Mig & Rich: It's About Time, Juggerknot dodged the lightning sparks.




Video Games

Mig 10: Enter the Gamaverse


  • It is confirmed that he will replace Wrapid more in the series, but has many other different and major powers then stretching limbs.
  • It is confirmed he will be used a lot and will basically replace Shocksquatch and Four Arms in appearences.
  • His voice is confirmed to be deep like Four Arms's is.
  • So far, he is most used Gamaverse alien. 
  • His name is a play on the words juggernaut, meaning strong destruction, and knot, coming from Juggerknot being made of ropes and strings. 
  • Juggerknot's predatory species is Clampire
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