"Granny" Judith Lincoln
E-10, Granny Judith (Temp)
General Information
Species Human
Birthday TBA
Occupation Grandmother
Math Teacher (former)
Powers and abilities
Abilities None
Equipment None
Relatives Hannibal Lincoln
Alias Granny
Granny Judith
Alternate Counterparts None
Voice Actor Roz Ryan
First Appearance Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil

Granny Judith is the grandmother and caretaker of Hannibal Lincoln and Naomi Lincoln. When their parents died from a lab accident when they were younger, Granny took them in when they had no home.


Despite being slightly overweight, she's still in shape for her age. She has wavy and curly gray hair. She wears a pink shirt with a white leaf symbol on her chest. She wears white shorts, and brown shoes.


She is a kind, caring and giving person. She is also seen to be very resortful and helpful when helping Naomi with her homework. She often feels she needs to be helpful for others so she can feel useful. She is also shown to be stubborn when she fell ill, as she wouldn't stop running errands or working around the house.

Granny Judith is also a welcoming person whenever Ethan, Nikki and others would visit over. She would also offer them chocolate chip cookies and tea.

Granny Judith often worries for the people she cares about, particularly Hannibal and Naomi. When Hannibal was kidnapped by Gi-Kwan, Ethan swore to her that he would save Hannibal, which calmed her nerves. She also worried that Hannibal and Naomi wouldn't be able to take care of themselves until Hannibal proved he could when he became Armor and saved her from Tezcatilipoca's clutches.


Prior to the series, Hannibal and Naomi's parents died from a freaky lab accident. To prevent them from going to a foster home, she took in Hannibal and Naomi while they finished school, and stayed to help her out around the house.

Powers and Abilities

Being an ordinary human, Granny Judith doesn't possess any superpowers herself. Due to her old age, she is not fighting condition.


Since Granny Judith is a mere human, she is susceptible with most human weaknesses and is at a major risk when going against a powerful opponent.



  • Her appearance is based on Anela from Pokemon: Sun & Moon.
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