"Prepare to DIODE!" - Joy Buzz

Joy Buzz is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of a Nosedeenian, from Nosedeen Quasar. He is sort of the 'jokester' alien of the collection.


Joy Buzz resembles a small earth dry cell. He is one of Buster's smallest aliens, only beaten out by Grey Matter. Joy Buzz's colors are mainly black, white, and green (as an energy). He has a black body, with a white lightning stripe that goes down from his neck to his abdomen.

His legs are small, and pointy, and so are his arms. His arms have only three fingers, and he has three ports going down his arms. All leaking green energy, like his head. Buzzshock has the omnimatrix V symbol on his shoulders, connected the two higher ports on either side. He possesses a plus/minus sign on his back, with the plus sign above minus.

Powers and Abilities


Joy Buzz's main power is that he is a living battery. He can animate objects with his limitless electricity powers, and even project this electricity in the form of attacks. Joy Buzz can absorb electricity to power himself, and can even severe himself. When severing himself, he creates several duplicates, which are further capable of separating themselves. They all can go 'poof' at an instant, the electricity making up their bodies returning to him.


Joy Buzz is weak against none-conductive material. This could be something like a rubber band ball. Or he can be insulated with rubber-sheeted blankets.

Joy Buzz can run out of energy easily, which slows down his abilities. When he's drained by a weapon, or himself, Joy Buzz will fall asleep.


  • Joy Buzz's name is an indication of his playful, somewhat jokester nature.
    • This name was suggested by Cannon Maxwell, who believed that it was perfect for a joy-buzzer joke.
    • Joy Buzz's quote is taken from Megaman, one of Manhunter's favorite gaming franchises.
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