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Plot Summery

You see, every 1000 years, the Demon known as Daigon arises to wreak havok on the Universe and is stopped by the Champion of Magic. During the last battle, Daigon defeated the Champion and managed to make it to Earth where he was struck down by George. 1000 Years later, the Demon rose again and was defeated by a different Champion, the one known as Ben Tennyson, (The Sorcerers have dubbed him The Champion of Technology.)

However, during this last battle, Daigons seal was badly damaged by Vilgax, meaning that he cannot truly be sealed away. The Grand Council of Sorcerers, the ones who train the Champions, are now working on a way to repair the damaged seal. once it is finished, the Champion will defeat Daigon so they may seal him for another 1000 years.

Ignis is to be that champion and as such must train under the 5 Grand Council Members:

Chisou: the Gourmand Master of Defense Magic. Has earned the nickname "The Iron Wall"

Jin: the To'Kustar Master of Physical Augmentation Magic.

Anuraman: The Thep Khufan Master of Summoning.

Posiry: The Pisciss Volann Master of Elemental Magic.

Ruphber: The Chrystlesapien master of Divination.

However, Daigon's powers have grown strong, The council had to split up and travel all over the galaxy in order to gather materials and prepare to cast the spell to repair the seal. As such, with only the basics of Magic to his knowledge, he must travel to many different parts of the Galaxy in order to find the Masters and learn their great arts in order to be strong enough to face Daigon in this final battle.

Along the way, he will find other Masters to teach him, and he is not alone in this journey.


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