Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 17
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Journey to the Center of Coco is the 48th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins in space focusing on a space station. The inside is seen to be empty and dark with only light coming in from the windows. Brandon is seen crouching behind a structure.

Jenny, telepathically: Did you find anything yet, Brandon?

Brandon, telepathically: Nothing yet... You guys?

Sarah, telepathically: No signs where I am.

Coco, telepathically: Nothing here either. Also, why couldn't we just use our badges? I mean there's a reason why we have them in the first place, y'know.

Jenny is seen looking down from a balcony.

Jenny, telepathically: The slightest noise and they'll know that we're here. A telepathic conversation seemed like the best method to use.

Coco, telepathically: Just feels so weird having somebody in my head.

Brandon, telepathically: I'm kinda hungry... Maybe I should hit that vending machine over there for some snacks. Yeah...

Sarah, telepathically: Brandon, you're thinking out loud again.

Brandon, telepathically: Sorry, still getting used to this.

Jenny smiles a bit. A small creature is then seen crawling past her view. Jenny's smile then drops and her eyes widen slightly.

Jenny, telepathically: I think I saw something past by my sector. Heading towards the East Wing.

Sarah, telepathically: I'll take care of it.

The scene cuts over to another part of the space station. The small creature is seen crawling into the moonlight which is coming in through the skylight. It's a small purple creature with tendrils similar to an octopus. A raw piece of purple meat is then thrown in front of the creature. It stops and examines the meat, smelling it, then launching onto it and biting it with its hidden teeth underneath. A small pink energy bubble then surrounds the creature. It latches off of the meat and attempts to attack the sides in order to escape but the bubble remains strong. Sarah then steps out of the shadows with her hand extended outwards.

Sarah, telepathically: I've got mines down.

Brandon, telepathically: Just saw the second one in the North Wing.

The scene cuts to another section of the space station. It appears to be a cafeteria with multiple tables and chairs. Some of the tables and chairs are knocked over with the parasitic creature feeding on a stack of alien foods, presumingly meat products. Brandon enters the cafeteria quietly and sees the creature in the short distance. He drops behind a table as the creature looks up behind him. The creature turns back and Brandon peeks from behind the table. He activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the transformations. The scene then shows the creature still feeding on the meats when a green flash is seen behind him. The creature then latches off of the meat and attempts to run but a chair flies into his path, blocking it. The creature then turns and runs off again but to have a table block his path. The creature attempts to do this again only to have various tables and chairs blocking him off until it forms a barrier around him. The creature then prepares to jump up only to have table block his escape. Magnet Man then walks into the open with his hands extended outwards.

Magnet Man, telepathically: Two down, one to go.

Jenny, telepathically: I don't see anymore from here. It must be in the West Wing.

Magnet Man, telepathically: Who's in the West Wing?

The scene cuts over to a sign reading "West Wing". Underneath that, Coco is seen walking through the station in his metallic form.

Coco, walking, telepathically: I'm in the West Wing and I don't see anything.

Jenny, telepathically: It probably knows that you're already there.

Sarah, telepathically: I can't move from my location. I'm still holding it down. Brandon?

Magnet Man, telepathically: Same.

Coco, telepathically: I don't need help. I've got this. It's just a dumb a little alien parasite.

Jenny, telepathically: I'm heading over there. Just remain in your form and they won't be able to harm you.

Coco, telepathically: Yeah. Yeah. I got it.

Coco continues walking down the hallway when the creature crawls past him. He turns around but doesn't see anything. It's then seen crawling over his head but he doesn't notice that. Coco turns back and continues walking until he sees the creature resting on some type of box attached to the wall. Coco then approaches it quietly while the creature remains on it. Coco then reaches for the creature which jumps off of the box at the last second, causing Coco then run his hands into the open electric box. He gets electrocuted and falls on the ground causing his form to drop. The creature then crawls towards him with its small mouth, now being shown, underneath him, preparing to feed. The creature then covers up the view leading to darkness. The scene then cuts to the entrance of the hallway with Jenny running inside.

Jenny, telepathically: Coco? Coco? Please, respond. Co- (stopping) Oh no...

Jenny then looks at Coco's body laying on the ground with the alien parasite wrapped around his face.

Theme Song

After the titles, the team is seen in the hallway standing next to Coco's body on the ground.

Brandon: How did this happen?

Jenny: I'm not sure. I can assume that he dropped his form and the creature took advantage of that opportunity.

Sarah: So what's going to happen to him?

Jenny: He will fall into a state of unconsciousness. He wouldn't know that we're here, that it is on him or where he is. It's the Medicus Paracus' way of keeping their victims contained. They release a pheromone that keeps them like this.

Sarah: What you're saying is that he's in a coma.

Jenny: If that's what you call it then yes. My apologies.

Brandon: It's okay, Jenny. You did what you could.

Sarah: We need to remove this.

Jenny: Once aggravated, the Paracus' body would naturally release a toxin into their victim, killing them so that their... food isn't wasted.

Brandon: Is there a way to remove the parasite without harming Coco?

Jenny: I would try to attack to Paracus telepathically but it would sense another presence and instantly be aggravated. The only way to remove it now without harming Coco is to have Coco fight against it on his own.

Sarah: How? He's unconscious.

Jenny: I could place your consciousness within his unconsciousness.

Brandon: Can that work?

Jenny: Well technically yes. On my home world, we travel into the consciousness of another in order to gain a better understanding of them. Of course, this only happens when they agree to this. Doing it to a mind without acknowledgement- I- I don't even know what would happen.

Brandon: We have to try. If we don't, this thing would finish him off before we even have a chance to save him.

Jenny: Okay. But it's risky.

Sarah: We'll take the risk.

Jenny: Right... I will try to block out the Paracus as much as possible. According to that, I would say that you have about an hour before the parasite completely devours his mind.

Brandon: You're not coming with us?

Jenny: I would but I have to be the anchor between your physical and mental forms. Otherwise you might end up switching consciousnesses or something similar to that.

Brandon: Yeah... I know what that's like.

Jenny: Okay, just relax your minds. Once you get inside his subconscious, you'll have to navigate towards the Medicus Paracus and attempt to get Coco's mental state to force the Paracus' mental state from his; This will cause it to detach itself from his head.

Jenny closes her eyes and extends her hands out. Brandon and Sarah close their eyes. The scene then shows Brandon's face with his eyes still closed. He opens his eyes and finds himself within a white hallway. He gets up and sees Sarah next to him.

Brandon: Sarah, you alright?

Sarah opens her eyes and gets up.

Sarah: Yeah... Where are we?

Brandon: I think we're in Coco's mind. Looks cleaner than I thought it would be.

Sarah: How are we supposed to locate the Medicus Paracus from here?

Brandon: Can you track it using your energy?

Sarah: I need something to track it by.

Brandon: Right... (looking around) I guess we should just look around until we find a lead. Brandon and Sarah then walk down another hallway while a dark figure is seen looking down at them from above. The scene then cuts to the two walking down a hallway which leads them into an open room.

Sarah: What is this supposed to represent?

Brandon: How should I know? It's Coco's Mind. Even I hardly understand him. Voice: RAAH!

Brandon and Sarah turn sharply and see the dark figure jump down at them. Sarah puts up an energy field around them but the figure phases through and kicks them both out of the shield. Sarah gets up onto her knees and looks down at her hands.

Sarah: My powers are working.

Brandon: We're in his head. I'm pretty sure some things aren't going to be working but hopefully mines do.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Electrix.

Electrix: ELECTRIX!

Electrix fires an electric beam at the dark figure which is pushed back. The figure looks up revealing his face to be similar to Coco's.

Electrix: Coco?

Dark Coco then launches at Electrix and jumps onto him. Electrix tries to get him off but Dark Coco continues attacking him.

Electrix: Coco! I don't want to hurt you!

Dark Coco: RAHH!

Dark Coco is then pulled back by a yellow arm. Electrix looks up and transforms back into Brandon. Sarah then joins his side. A yellow version of Coco is seen holding the dark Coco down against the ground. 

Sarah: Two Cocos?

Brandon: I thought we were in his head, not yours.

Sarah elbows Brandon in the side.

Brandon: Ow!

Yellow Coco: I have him contained but he gets out sometimes.

Brandon: What does that mean?

Sarah: I think these versions of Coco represent his mental state, such as his traits and personality.

Brandon: Coco could be a bit voilent sometimes but he doesn't act like that. (points to Dark Coco)

Sarah: Everyone has a dark side. Even you.

Brandon looks away slightly then at Yellow Coco.

Brandon: So that's supposed to represent Coco's good side?

Sarah: I guess so.

Yellow Coco: Do you need some help or something?

Sarah: We're looking for something harmful, we're trying to help you fight against it.

Yellow Coco: I'm not sure. I don't really see anything like that.

Brandon: Maybe this isn't the best place to start. He can't really give us any information.

Yellow Coco: If you need information, just head down there. (points to a doorway) That's where all of the information is kept.

Sarah: Thank you.

Brandon and Sarah then head to the doorway.

Brandon, looking into the doorway: It looks kinda dark in here. Maybe there's a light switch or some- (accidentally falls in) THIIIINNNGG!

Sarah: Brandon!

Sarah grabs Brandon's hand but is pulled down by the gravity. They both fall down the dark shaft until they land on a white, fluffy platform.

Brandon: You alright?

Sarah: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?

Brandon: We fell then we landed on this- (looks down) Cloud?

More clouds then pass by them.

Sarah: I'm studying Architecture in school.

Brandon: We have that class?

Sarah: Yeah, you just don't pay attention to the announcements.

Brandon: Wait, what does this have to do with anything?

Sarah: What I'm saying is that this mind palace doesn't exactly have a logical sense of Architecture.

Brandon: Well this isn't really a place, Sarah. It's just a physical representation of Coco's consciousness.

Sarah: Don't do that.

Brandon: Do what?

Sarah: Don't sound smart when I don't. It makes me feel outdated or something.

Brandon: Look, there's some more clouds down there. Maybe we can use these as a platform to get to the next area.

Sarah: Good idea.

Brandon and Sarah jump off the side of their clouds and land on another one. Brandon looks up and sees a cat staring at him.

Brandon: Uh...

Cat: Meow.

Suddenly, they are surrounded by cats.

Brandon: Why are there cats everywhere?

Sarah: We must be in his thoughts.

Brandon: He thinks about cats?

Sarah: You don't?

Brandon: I mean... not this much. The cats that I think about usually play pianos and fart rainbows.

Sarah: You spend way too much time on the Internet.

Brandon and Sarah jump onto the next cloud which is a lot bigger. Brandon and Sarah get up and notice that there are surrounded by multiple Sarahs.

Sarah: Okay. I don't know if I should be extremely flattered or extremely freaked out.

Brandon: I know which one I am.

Sarah: We'll never make it to the next area with all these thoughts getting in our way.

Brandon: They're not that bad.

Sarah: I was talking about the clouds.

Brandon: Don't worry. I've got this under control.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Batwing.

Batwing: BATWING!

Sarah, getting on Batwing's back: Do you even know where you're going?

Batwing: Echolocation.

Sarah: What?

Batwing: Batwing has sonar screams. I can use echolocation to find the exit.

Sarah: But there's nothing real here. Just a bunch of thought activity.

Batwing: Exactly. You might want to cover your ears.

Sarah covers her ears and Batwing releases a sonic scream throughout the thought chamber. The echo comes back at him and he opens his wings.

Sarah, uncovering her ears: Well? What did that prove?

Batwing, flying away, with Sarah on his back still: That the frequency of the echo was altered by Coco's thought frequency so when it sounded normal, that's where his thoughts stopped.

Sarah: That's actually very clever.

Batwing, flying: I guess I work better under certain circumstances.

Batwing lands on a ledge, in front of a door. Batwing opens the door and Sarah gets off of his back. Batwing transforms back into Brandon as he and Sarah enter the new area, closing the door behind them. There appears to be a long road in front of them with various buildings at the side.

Brandon: This looks like Bellwood.

Sarah: Makes sense.

Brandon: It does?

Sarah: Yes. Most people like to associate themselves with their home town or city. Maybe even planet. To make something physical, it's best to use something physical that you know very well.

Brandon: Looks pretty empty though.

Sarah: Well it's not real.

Brandon: Right... (sees a door) We should probably check these buildings.

Sarah: Why?

Brandon: The Paracus could be hiding in here.

Brandon opens the door to one of the buildings and walks inside. He finds himself in a green corridor. He looks around, confused.

Brandon: Hang on... this looks familiar.

Brandon continues walking down the corridor until he finds himself in the cockpit of the Interceptor. The team is seen in their respective seats with Coco piloting, Brandon in the co-pilot seat and Sarah and Jenny are their computer stations. Brandon is only in the doorway of the cockpit and decides to take a step back, remaining out of sight.

Other Brandon: Are we there yet?

Coco, piloting: You gonna start with that, Tennyson?

Other Brandon: I'm just curious, that's all.

Coco, piloting: You'll know when we're there when we get there.

Jenny, looking at Brandon and Coco: Where exactly are we going?

Sarah: A space station owned by a research group. Dr. Owen Trakoli invited us there because he noticed that one of his experiments hasn't been quite successful. He thought maybe we could help.

Other Brandon, leaning back in his seat: Yeah because they need a super scientist brainy guy like myself.

Coco, piloting: You? The brainy type?

Other Brandon: What? I've done some brainy things.

Coco, piloting: Oh yeah? Like what?

Brandon, to himself, quietly: This was earlier today... before we reached the space station. I must be in one of Coco's memories.

Sarah, shouting from the corridor: Brandon? What's going on in there?

Coco, piloting: You guys hear something?

Brandon looks a little surprised then goes back into the corridor. He sees Sarah in the doorway looking at Brandon who is coming back to her.

Sarah: What's going on?

Brandon: This is the Interceptor, before we arrived at the space station.

Sarah: So we're in his memories.

Brandon: I was really hoping you would say time travel so I can have another smart moment and show off.

Sarah: We don't have time for this. We've got about half an hour before the Medicus Paracus devours Coco's Mind.

Brandon: Right. Well, I don't know where this thing could be so yeah...

Brandon leans against another door which falls open, causing Brandon to fall inside.

Brandon: WHOA!

Sarah: Not again...

Sarah goes after Brandon through the doorway and she finds herself on board the space station.

Sarah: Did I wake up? ...Brandon?

Sarah walks away from the doorway and sees the team talking to a scientist in the distance. She continues walking, remaining unseen. A hand then comes down on her shoulder. Sarah turns around, frightened. Brandon backs off a step as she readies her energy discs.

Brandon: Relax, it's me.

Sarah, calming down: Guess we didn't wake up yet.

Brandon: No but I found another doorway. This one looks a lot more promising.

Sarah nods and she follows after Brandon who goes to the doorway. Meanwhile, in the background, an alarm goes off and the team runs down a corridor with the scientist. The scene then cuts to hangar where Brandon and Sarah exit from a doorway. They look around and see some aliens and some small spaceships docking in and leaving. Coco, without his blue jacket on, is seen pushing some cargo with a rhino alien.

Brandon: I don't remember this.

Sarah: He was probably here on his own. Come on, we need to keep moving.

Brandon walks off, looking for another doorway while Sarah watches Coco from the distance.

Rhino Alien: We're still on for that deal, right?

Coco: You know it, man.

Rhino Alien: There's a security base on Mualdok III that's getting a shipment in two days.

Coco: We'll arrive two days before then, stake out the scene and test the security. When the shipment comes, we'll be more than ready to take it.

Rhino Alien: See? This is why we need you.

Coco: I won't be going anywhere, Prokun.

Prokun: I've gotta introduce you to our new partner. He's at that food dump over there waiting for us. We don't know his real name but he's good at building stuff. Guys back to the cells call him Gadget.

Coco: He better not be a waste of time.

Prokun: Nah this guy might be a pain sometimes but he pulls through.

Prokun leads Coco to the cafe/restaurant area in the hangar from their spaceship.

Brandon: Sarah. Sarah!

Sarah turns her head and sees Brandon with a beckoning arm wave. Sarah looks at Coco again and then at Brandon, making sure its safe to cross over. Sarah runs over to Brandon who is holding the door open. Sarah enters the doorway followed by Brandon. The scene then cuts to a door opening with Brandon and Sarah coming through. They apparently find themselves inside a house.

Sarah: Now where are we?

Brandon: I dunno but there's something really familiar about this place.

The sound of two men talking is faintly heard, muffled by the walls. The place then shakes violently for a couple of seconds.

Brandon: What the heck was that?

Sarah: The Medicus Paracus. We must be close.

Brandon: Alright... Let's take the back door and hope we end up where we need to be this time.

Brandon heads for the back door. Sarah is about to follow him but stops when she hears crying. She turns around and sees stairs leading upstairs in front of her. She looks up the stairs and sees a shadow of a humanoid figure crunched up. She then turns her attention to the two men talking by peeking to the left of the stairs. She sees a man whose back is facing her is talking to a Mechanic Officer in the doorway.

Brandon: Sarah.

Sarah turns around and sees Brandon, halfway through the back door.

Brandon: I found it.

Sarah then follows Brandon through the doorway. They both then find themselves facing the Medicus Paracus which is now gigantic and hovering above them. His tendrils are reaching out all over the circular white/blue room. Energy, or some type of matter, is seen flowing through his tendrils from the walls of the room into his main head area which has apparently grown, showing a brain like structure underneath the alien skin. Around the room are multiple doorways and underneath the Medicus Paracus is Coco's Brain which is wrapped in the Paracus' tendrils. As Brandon and Sarah approach Coco's Brain. The Medicus Paracus' single eye opens and looks down at the two.

Brandon: I think he saw us.

The room then shakes voilently as the Medicus Paracus extends its tendrils out and attacks Brandon and Sarah. Sarah attempts to use her energy to block off the attacks but it only blocks it some of the times.

Sarah: I really can't keep this up, Brandon.

Brandon: Then we fight brains with even more brains.

Brandon slaps down the face plate of the Ultimatrix and transforms into Brainiac.

Brainiac: BRAINIAC!

Brainiac then fires energy from his brain at the Medicus Paracus which fires its own energy back at Brainaic.

Brainiac: ARGH!

Sarah: Brandon!

Brainiac: His mental will drives on hunger and his hunger overlaps my own mental strength by comparison. We require the assistance of Coco's mental capacity.

Sarah: I don't know how to get his help, Brandon.

Brainiac, straining against the Paracus' energy: Try something. I shall hold him off.

Sarah looks around and sees the doorway that they came in through.

Sarah: Wait, I have an idea.

Brainiac, straining: Would you hurry please? My own mind can not handle the amount of stress against this unknown brain energy.

Sarah goes back through the way she came and enters the house again. She looks upstairs for a second then turns back to the back door, hearing Brainiac's grunts of pain. She then turns back to the stairs and climbs up them. She arrives upstairs and sees another hallway with three rooms. The room closest to the stairs has its door open. Sarah walks into the room and sees a child with black hair curled up, underneath some blankets on his bed. She approaches the child slowly until she reaches the bed. The child is crying. Sarah looks at the child. The room then shakes violently, throwing Sarah off balance. She falls down and knocks over the lamp, causing the room to get dark.

Child: H-Hello? Who's there? What's going on? I know you're there. Who are you?

Sarah gets up from the floor and looks at the child's silhouette in the darkness.

Sarah: Hi. I'm Sarah.

Child: What are you doing in my room, Sarah?

Sarah: I was lost and I found myself here. I'm trying to save a friend of mines. Well he's more than a friend.

Child: Who is he? Do I know him?

Sarah: Heh. Yeah, I think you do. But it doesn't really matter because this is just a dream.

Child: No it's not. You're real, I'm real.

Sarah: Oh yeah? If this is real then how can I do this?

Sarah then creates a small ball of light with her hands using her pink energy. It lights up the room a little bit.

Child: Whoa...

Sarah, sitting on the boy's bed: Pretty cool, right?

Child: Yeah but this is a pretty weird dream. I would usually dream about cars and stuff.

Sarah: Well it's been a pretty weird day, hasn't it?

Child: My dad told me something bad and it made me feel pretty sad.

Sarah: Look, I know it must be pretty bad. I don't have any business in messing around with this but I want you to know that I'll be there for you.

Child: No you won't. You'll just disappear and never show up again.

Sarah: No. I will. I'll be back, you just won't know it. We'll go on adventures and save worlds. We'll be best friends. You and me.

Child: I already got a best friend.

Sarah: Yeah... He's pretty great too. But he needs your help. I need your help. And most importantly, you need your help. This might not make any sense now but it will later on, so you have to remember this, remember this night. It's going to hurt but sometimes you need to hurt in order to do the right thing. In order to help the people that matter to you. Otherwise, you'll just hurt more later on and the hurt might not stop. You might be thinking you're in a really bad spot right now but there's more spots out there, ahead of you. You'll fight aliens and fly a spaceship and be apart of a team. People will rely on you so please, remember this. I'll be there for you and I need you to be there for me.

Sarah looks at the child, who is now apparently asleep, facing the wall. Sarah puts her hand on the boy's shoulder and then gets up from his bed. She then leaves the room but stops at the doorway. She turns back to the boy in his bed and smiles.

Sarah: Goodnight, Coco.

Sarah then leaves the bedroom and heads back downstairs. Back in the Brain Area, Brainiac is still seen facing off against the Medicus Paracus. Brainiac starts to fall on his knees, pushing against his energy when Sarah enters the room and fires an energy disc at the Paracus. Brainiac, manages to get back on his feet.

Brainiac: I sincerely hope this idea of yours has been successful and will prevail in this task provided to us.

Sarah: Yeah... I hope so too.

The Medicus Paracus lifts two tendrils up and fires energy from them, one of the blasts hits Brainiac and the other hits Sarah, sending them into the ground. Brainiac transforms back into Brandon, who lays on the ground, while Sarah attempts to get up. The Medicus Paracus prepares to strike Sarah down with its tenticals. Sarah blocks her face with her arm, preparing for impact but it doesn't happen. Sarah opens her eyes and lowers her arm. She turns and sees a large arm, forming from the ground, grabbing the Paracus' tendrils. The arm then rises from the ground, revealing more and more of a giant person until the person fully takes form, made out of the same material as the brain room, which is white and blue, and is revealed to be Coco.

Sarah: Coco!

Coco, turning to Sarah: Did you miss me?

Sarah: More than you realize.

Coco: I guess I finally got your message.

Sarah: All it took was a coma to make some sense, I suppose.

Brandon, weakly, with eyes half open: Am I seeing things or is there a giant version of Coco standing over me?

Suddenly the Medicus Paracus' tendrils wrap around Giant Coco and pulls him in towards the Paracus' mouth.

Coco, being dragged towards the Paracus: You trying to eat me? I don't think so!

Coco grabs the tendrils and uses them to swing upwards and kick into the Paracus' eye. The Medicus Paracus screams out in pain as it unwraps around Coco's Brain. The Brain then lets out a bright flash which consumes everything until the screen is white. The scene then transitions to the Medicus Paracus in a container on a lab table. Coco is seen lying on an examination table being scanned by some type of alien equipment similar to an MRI machine. When the scan is done, Coco is removed from the machine and gets up from the table. The scientist, from Coco's memory, examines Coco's head while the rest of the team is seen outside of the examination room, looking at the examination in progress through the window. Sarah is seen standing in front of the window with her arms crossed, Jenny is leaning with her arms on the railing underneath the window and Brandon is leaning against the wall behind the two girls with his head down.

Sarah: Thank you, Jenny. I never got to say thank you.

Jenny, looking at Sarah: What are you thanking me for?

Sarah, still looking through the window: For saving Coco. I don't know what I would do without him.

Jenny: If I'm understanding what had happened correctly, you were the one who saved Coco. I was just the anchor between your physical and mental forms.

Sarah: Yeah. I guess so, it's just that- I don't know. Without you, it wouldn't have been possible.

The doors of the examination room open and the scientist and Coco exit the room. The team look up at Coco and the scientist. Coco approaches them but Sarah goes over there and hugs Coco.

Jenny: What were the results, Dr. Trakoli?

Dr. Trakoli: There are definitely some signs of strain on his brain but aside from that, he should recover and function normally.

Coco: I could have told you that.

Sarah: I'm just glad you're okay. Don't ever do anything like that again.

Coco: I won't. I won't.

The two then engage in a deep kiss. Brandon notices this and looks around. He then leaves past Dr. Trakoli. Jenny notices this and follows after him. She sees Brandon looking out into space through the windows. She approaches him and he notices this. He looks back at the window.

Jenny: What are you thinking about?

Brandon: Don't you know?

Jenny: I don't want to read your mind, Brandon.

Brandon sighs.

Brandon: Lots of things. Going through Coco's mind made me realize that he's been through a lot as a person. It makes me see him a bit differently.

Jenny: Sarah saw those things too. Do you think she sees him differently now?

Brandon: Nah. I can't imagine Coco and Sarah not being a thing. Even before they were a thing, they were a thing.

Jenny: I think I understand what you're saying.

Brandon: I was also thinking about myself, I guess. I used to have a thing too. A relationship.

Jenny: Do you- (bites lip) Do you want another relationship?

Brandon: That's the thing, Jenny. I don't know what I want.

The scene then shows Brandon and Jenny looking out into space. It then transitions to showing the space station from a distance.

Jenny, unseen: I think I understand what you're saying...



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Sarah
  • Jenny
  • Coco's Consciousness (First Appearance)
    • Young Coco (Cameo)
  • Dr. Owen Trakoli (First Appearance)
  • Perun/Rhino Alien (First Re-Appearance) (Memory Only)


  • Medicus Paracus (First Appearance)

Aliens Used


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth.
  • Originally, this scene was meant to be set in an Intergalactic Toystore with the team facing off against the Toymaster with the Unknown Plastic Substance taking over Coco's Mind. Since Jenny wasn't created when the idea came up, the team would ask a scientist for help (possibly a new character) who would shrink Brandon so small that he'll be able to travel within Coco until he reaches his brain. However, that plot was changed because it didn't seem to make any sense. So instead of traveling within his body, the team would travel within his mind with the help of Erudiden. But with the addition of Jenny, the details were changed completely, keeping the initial idea only.
    • While the scientist idea wasn't used in the episode, the scientist did make an appearance in the episode as Dr. Owen Trakoli. It wasn't the name for the original scientist in mind but, to be fair, the original scientist didn't have a name to begin with.
  • This episode's title was reconsidered to be changed to Coco's Brain, a reference to the Star Trek episode, Spock's Brain but the title remained as it was.
  • Concepts of traveling throughout Coco's mind were inspired by Adventure Time's Memory of a Memory episode (Memory Section) and Teen TitansNevermore episode (Trait and Personality Section)
  • There was originally a scene in the episode where the Medicus Paracus would take control of Coco's body and Jenny would have to stop him on her own while Brandon and Sarah stopped the Paracus in Coco's mind. This scene was removed because, as mentioned by Jenny, she couldn't enter Coco's mind with them because he had to be an anchor between their mental and physical bodies so engaging in an activity that isn't focusing on being an anchor would be just as damaging as entering Coco's mind with them.
    • The scene was reconsidered about being in the episode by altering it to a point where Jenny would choose between Brandon and Sarah to wake up and rejoin her in the physical world to protect her from Coco's attacking body, under the control of the Medicus Paracus. She would probably choose Brandon leading Sarah to essentially save the day like what was planned. However, it didn't seem too realistic on Sarah's part especially with her energy not working properly in Coco's mind so the scene was kept left out of the episode.
  • It was considered having a scene in the episode where Brandon and Sarah enter an Alien Force episode and accidentally take the places of their memory counterparts in order to keep Coco's memory stabilized. They end up distracting him before their memory counterparts arrive so that they escape and the transition between the Brandons and Sarahs happens smoothly. It was also considered that the episode would be Conquest of the Conqueror Part 1, with Brandon about to hack the Omnitrix. Despite this scene being cut, it could have still happened while Brandon and Sarah were going through Coco's memories which is confirmed to be more than the ones that appeared in the episode.
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