Jordan is a character in Brandon 10.


Jordan is like an average Human teenage male. He has black hair, a red shirt and blue pants.

In Alien Form, he resembles the Brandon 10 alien, Freezefire.


Being a Human Hybrid, Jordan can switch in between his Human form and his alien form. His alien form can fire ice blasts and fire blasts. He can also fly using his blasts and he can control ice and fire. 


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  • Jordan's outfit is supposed to refer to his abilities; the red shirt meaning his fire powers and his blue pants meaning his ice powers.
  • There is an error when Jordan goes Freezefire that the Omnitrix Symbol is on his chest even though he isn't an Omnitrix Alien.
  • In One Step Forwards, Jordan becomes an official Mechanic Officer along with the rest of The New Mechanics.


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