Jon: Ultimate Adventures - The Movie is an upcoming movie, no duh, of my series Jon: Ultimate Adventures.


We see Jon walking out of a chip shop, he is just finishing his chips. He throws wrapper in the bin and starts to walk towards Hyde Park. Two police officers stand in front of him.

Jon: Any bad guys you need me to take care of officer?

Policeman 1: Don't play games with us Mr. Marron.

Jon: Games? I don't follow.

Policeman 2: We have to use force. We saw what he did.

Jon: What did I do?

Policeman 1: Now he's taking the biscuit. Fire.

Both policemen have their pistols aimed at Jon.

Jon: They are plumber issue.

Policeman 1: You have the chance to surrender.

Policeman 2: We know how powerful these are.

Jon: I don't even know what I have supposed to have done!

The policemen start taking fire and Jon starts to run. The police get into their car and Policeman 1 drives after Jon and Policeman 2 starts firing at him. The shots are getting really close to Jon. Jon looks back and hits the Ultimatrix and turns into XLR8 and runs off, out of sight. The police speed up and Policeman 1 presses a button on the gear stick and turbo boosters comes out of the boot. The police car is now speeding along. XLR8 is on the M25 going north after going along the M4.

XLR8 (running): What is this all about. Why am I getting chased? What is it I have supposedly done?

XLR8 looks behind him and sees the police car creep up on him and within a few seconds, the police car is next to XLR8.

Policeman 1: You better surrender!

XLR8: For what?!

Policeman 2 appears out of the roof of the car. He is holding a blaster towards XLR8. The blaster is level 6 Plumber technology.

XLR8: Are you kidding me?! How do you guys get this stuff?

Policeman 2: You shouldn't have done what you did!

XLR8: What is that?! You keep mentioning it but never tell me!

Policeman 2 fires at XLR8 who dodges them all. Policeman 1 then rams the car into XLR8 and XLR8 looses his footing and falls of the edge, falling down a hill and into a forest.

Policeman 1: That didn't go to plan.

Policeman 2: Get down there, we need to make sure we got him.

Policeman 1 turns of the turbo and drives to the forest. When the two policemen arrive, on foot, they don't see XLR8 anywhere. We see XLR8 outside a station called Iver. The Ultimatrix times out and XLR8 reverts to Jon.

Jon: Now that was weird.

Jon walks into the station and buys a ticket from Iver to London Paddington. Jon gets onto the station and waits for the train to arrive. He sees a paper laying on a bench. He sits down on the bench and then picks the paper up to read it.

Jon: Headline: “Jon Marron is not who he tricked us to be”. What? What is it I have apparently done?

A kid walks up to him. The child is about 10 years old and wears a green t-shirt with Jon's face on it and dark blue jeans.

Kid: Mr. Marron?

Jon: Yeah?

Kid: Is it true what the papers say?

Jon: I've only just seen the headline kid, I don't even know why the police were chasing me.

Before the kid can tell Jon, the two policemen who were chasing him earlier appear on the station. The go up to him, holding their weapons to his head.

Jon: Can I at least read page 4 and see why you guys are after me?

Policeman 2: No. You are under arrest for criminal activities. You may not have to say anything.

Jon: But I don't know what I have done, or what I have supposed to have done. If you let me read the paper.

Policeman 1 grabs the paper out of Jon's hands and gets his handcuffs out. Policeman 2 punches Jon and pins him to the floor. The kid has tears in his eyes, Jon sees this.

Jon: Ultimatrix, Ditto!

The Ultimatrix flashes and Jon transforms into Ditto. Ditto sees an oncoming train, heading towards London Paddington. He grabs onto it, copying himself a few times while the train races through the station. Ditto merges back until there is only one Ditto. Ditto is now sitting on top of the train.

Ditto: What on Earth is all that about. I need to lay low I think. I seem to be on the run. A few days should get them off my back.

We see the train go towards Paddington as the camera tilts up till it hits the sky. When the camera is on the sky, this title appears.

Jon: Ultimate Adventures

The Movie


We see April and Margaret in Jon and April's house. April is watching TV, looking intently on the news channels. Grandma Margaret is sitting next to April.

Margaret: April, you need to stop this.

April: I'm changing through the channels till I find out where Jon is. He hasn't been in contact for three months. I've had to look after myself

Margaret: I have helped you know.

April: For the last two months, ever since the police kept coming to the house every day to see if he had returned. And now they are guarding it, like we are dogs.

Margaret looks at her watch. It say 18:30.

Margaret: Half 6 already, wow time went fast.

April: Today has gone quick.

Margaret: Want pizza? I can get some from down the road.

April: Yeah go on then, but Margherita. I'm vegetarian.

Margaret: Since when?

April: Last month.

Margaret walks out the house and closes the door. April watches the news. A female news reporter is on the TV.

News Reporter Female: It has been three months since the police have seen Jon, and they almost had him arrested too till he got away.

April: They had him in handcuffs?

News Reporter Female: Jon has been hiding for three months in an unknown location, or multiple locations.

The scene goes to a café. NegaDragon walks past quickly unknown to Jon or Kai. Kai is sitting there with Jon. Jon is wearing a blue beanie and is wearing a black jacket and brown shorts.

Jon: Thanks Kai.

Kai: No problem, I am your girlfriend after all.

Jon: It's good this shop owner is on my side.

Kai: Yeah. I haven't seen April for a month.

Jon: How was she last month then?

Kai: Shaken up, upset and angry.

Jon: Angry at me keeping her in the dark I'd expect.

The Café Owner walks over to Jon and Kai with two cups of coffee and two plates of fish and chips. NegaDragon walks out of the Café.

Jon: Thanks.

Café Owner: No problem.

The Café Owner walks off. Suddenly, before Jon and Kai can eat their meals, the window smashes open showing the two policemen from earlier.

Jon: What now?!

Policeman 2: You have resisted arrest.

Kai: He hasn't done anything!

Policeman 1 shoots near Kai's foot.

Jon: Do that again and we'll see where you stand.

Policeman 1: Did you just threaten me?

Jon: You attack my girl, then yeah. We'll see where you stand.

Kai: Jon, why are they after you?

Jon: They are after me because of an imposter.

Policeman 2: He is you. There is no imposter!

Jon: I've seen that picture before. It was shown in a court case while I was in the Prime Universe. That version of Jon killed multiple Plumbers.

Policeman 1: And the Plumbers are after you. You shouldn't have killed them.

A few Plumbers enter. One of them fires their weapon at Kai, and Kai falls down twisting her ankle. Jon helps her up and places her on a seat.

Jon: That is your last straw mate. You guys have got it all wrong, I didn't do them things.

Jon hits the Ultimatrix and turns into Mole-Stache. Mole-Stache punches the police and Plumbers back using his moustache. Mole-Stache then uses his moustache to fly. Kai grabs hold of Jon and they fly off. Back to April, and she is watching a live report. Margaret walks in.

April: Jon's made an appearance.

Margaret: Really?

Margaret hands April her Margherita pizza then sits next to her eating his pineapple and ham pizza.

News Reporter Female: Jon Marron has just been sighted in a café in the middle of London. Police and some Plumbers tried to refrain him but he used brute force to get away. The police have given us a picture of Jon Marron, and a female who we believe is his girlfriend Kai, in the café talking.

A picture of Jon and Kai talking in the café appears on the TV, NegaDragon is in the background waiting for some chips.

April: Kai knew where Jon has been?

Margaret: Maybe she only just saw him.

April: That look on his face, they've met before. But why not see me?

Margaret: It could be risky. Him seeing you puts you in danger.

April: It's coming up to his birthday, I'd like to spend it with him rather than him running away all the time.

Margaret: If the police see that Jon isn't a bad guy then we could celebrate with him. I'm sure he'd like that.

A man enters the house. Margaret looks shocked. April gets up and absorbs the wooden table, now in wooden form. The man walks forward showing himself to be Max AU, last seen in Galactic Court.

Max AU: I'm not a bad guy. I thought your Jon was till he saved me in a court. Let me explain.

Max AU goes and sits down opposite April. The scene moves down town where we see OmniDragon. He is watching a TV which has just shown the report on Jon and Kai.

OmniDragon: That was NegaDragon. So he is here. But why is he after this Jon Marron and Kai?

OmniDragon walks away. In a forest, we see Jon, now in Human form, and Kai sitting down on a chair each around a table.

Kai: Am I now a criminal?

Jon: What? No. Though they will now be going after you and trying to capture you since you have helped me.

Kai: I'm glad I did.

Jon: Yeah, same. I am just wondering about April.

Kai: She'll be fine.

Jon: I hope so. She must be so angry at me. You know I did see her five weeks back.

Kai: How?

Jon: A little ChamAlien never hurt no-one.

Kai: How did she seem?

Jon: Like I abandoned her.

Kai: But you can't see her.

Jon: No I can't. Hopefully she can understand that.

Kai: I'm really hungry.

Jon: Hold on, I'll be back in a minute.

Jon walks off. We now go back to Jon and April's house. Max AU is now standing and April is no longer in wooden form.

Max AU: If it helps, I know where Jon is hiding. Your Jon I mean, not the Jon in my dimension.

April: Take me there!

Max AU: It will be difficult.

Margaret: Take the back door and go over the hill. At the bottom is my car, you can use that. That way the police won't follow you dear.

Margaret gives Max AU her car keys.

April: Thanks Grandma. I'll see you later. I will find out what all this is about.

Max AU and April leave through the back of the house. OmniDragon then walks in.

OmniDragon: Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude, but where is Jon Marron?

Margaret: Why? What do you want with him?

OmniDragon: Believe it or not, to help him.

Margaret: How do you plan to do that exactly?

OmniDragon shows her the Adaptimatrix, a purple version of the Omnitrix Original after recalibration.

Margaret: Oh I see. I thought that Jon was the only one with it.

OmniDragon: Different Universe I'm afraid.

Margaret: Since you have that, my granddaughter has gone after him. Go through the back.

OmniDragon: Thanks.

It is now dark. Back at the forest, Jon is sitting by the fire while Kai is sleeping next to it, lying on some bedding. Jon hears some footsteps and hits the Ultimatrix and turns into Ghostfreak.

Ghostfreak: I was going for ChamAlien but oh well.

Ghostfreak turns invisible and goes behind a female. He then grabs the female, who turns out to be April.

April: Get off me!

Kai wakes up and sees April.

Kai: April?

Ghostfreak turns visible and moves next to Kai.

Ghostfreak: April?! What are you doing here?

Ghostfreak hits the Ultimatrix symbol and turns back to his Human form. April goes over to Jon and slaps him.

Kai: April?!

Jon: She has the right to Kai, only you know where I have been.

April: When were you going to say hello to me? When were you going to see me and tell me everything is going to be alright? Or that you were fine and not dead?

Jon: I have seen you, walking around town, at home with Grandma Margaret.

April: How?

Jon: ChamAlien. Though how did you know where to find me?

Max AU walks out from behind a tree.

Jon: You? You're..


Max AU: Just stop, there is no way you can win.

Jon: I may not have unlocked a Celestialsapien yet but I won't give up.

Galactic Gladiator picks Jon up, moves back, throws Jon at the stand again. He then fires a black fireball towards Max AU accidentally. Max AU then screams. Jon hits the Ultimatrix and turns into Stinkfly and moves in front of Max AU. Stinkfly gets hit with the black fire ball and smashes into the floor. Max AU now opens his eyes and sees he is okay. He then ponders thinking he has thought wrong of Jon.


Jon: It is you. Though why did you bring April to me?

Max AU: Because she is in more danger being left at home than with you.

Kai: How so?

Jon: There is no danger to April, only by being near me is her life in danger.

Max AU: You don't understand. The Jon from my dimension is in yours.

Jon: What?

Max AU: Who do you think put you on the run. He done it to get hold of April, though he didn't expect you to be so persistent on seeing her all the time. Or getting your Grandma to look after her. Plus there is Intel that someone else is looking for you and another person helping my Jon from my Universe.

Kai: So the Jon from your dimension is after April?

Max AU: Yes.

Jon: I need a back story on this guy.

Max AU: I can give it to you. The people in my dimension call him, Insane Jon.

April: Something tells me you lost your mind.

Jon: Would seem so in that dimension.

Max AU: He was 12 when something flew out from the sky towards him.


A piece of space debris crashes near Insane Jon. He goes towards it, opens it up and the watch inside wraps around is left wrist.

Insane Jon: What is this?!

Azmuth from the Insane Dimension appears on the Ultimatrix.

Insane Azmuth: The wielder of this device, now you have the power to use 10 different alien species. Have fun and use it well.

Insane Azmuth then disappears off the Ultimatrix. Insane Jon then activates the Ultimatrix and presses the core down. He goes under a transformation and his arms start to turn green. At the end of the transformation, he has turned into Insane Swampfire. Insane Swampfire is completely red with a black and yellow Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Insane Swampfire: I'm an alien...Time to teach the bullies a few lessons.


Kai: What did he do?

Max AU: He stayed as Insane Swampfire and beat the bullies up. They were in hospital for a while and they wondered how to get Jon back.

Jon: How? Was I clever in that dimension?

Max AU: Very, unfortunately. Though the bullies killed the one thing Jon loved more than anything else.

April: Me?

Max AU: I'm afraid so. When he returned home and saw you dead, that's when people said his insanity really began.

Jon: I can relate. I can't stand being without family who I love a lot.

Kai: And girlfriend I hope.

Jon: Of course.

Max AU: After April's death, Jon lost it. He went insane. Terrorised people, destroyed whole towns and cities. Didn't help he teamed up with Ben.

Jon: Ben is evil in your Universe as well.

Policeman 1 & 2 appear and walk towards them.

Jon: What do you guys want!

Policeman 2: We know you aren't going to come along quietly.

Policeman 1: So we brought some back up.

April: What back up?

A big metal robot appears before them.

Jon: Plumber issue. The Metalbot.

Policeman 2: That's right. With a trained Plumber inside.

The Metalbot picks up April and throws her to the ground, but Max AU catches her and pulls out a gun and starts firing at the Policemen.

Jon: Kai, get out of here with April. Run.

Kai: Meet in “that” spot.

Jon: Yeah.

Kai grabs April's hand and they both run off. Jon hits the Ultimatrix down and gets Frankenstrike. He looks like Omniverse Frankenstrike.

Frankenstrike: Frankenstrike! Here we go.

Frankenstrike fires some electricity at the Metalbot but nothing happens. Max AU fires his plumber gun at it but nothing happens. Policeman 1 & Policeman 2 go after April and Kai without Jon or Max AU knowing.

Frankenstrike: This isn't working.

Max AU: It's not like any Plumber tech I know of.

Frankenstrike then throws an electric punch at Metalbot which leaves a tiny dent.

Max AU: That worked.

Max AU fires on the dent which Frankenstrike made. Frankenstrike rubs his hands together making electricity fly around his hands. He then punches Metalbot and goes through it, causing it to blow up. The Plumber inside flies away using a jet pack.

Frankenstrike: Good work.

Max AU: Yeah, you too.

Frankenstrike: Uh oh.

Max AU: What?

Frankenstrike: The police aren't here anymore.

We hear Kai and April scream. OmniDragon, who is quite close, sees April and Kai getting surrounded by the two Policemen. Back at Jon, Frankenstrike hits the Ultimatrix and transforms into Wildmutt. Max AU then jumps onto Wildmutt who goes towards April and Kai's scream. When they arrive they see a van drive off with April and Kai in the back. Policeman 1 is standing there. Max AU gets off.

Max AU: What are you going to do with them?

Policeman 1: Not my call.

Wildmutt hits the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Fasttrack and runs off after the van. Fasttrack finds the van and jumps onto it. Policeman 2 climbs out the window and stands on top of the van like Fasttrack.

Policeman 2: You have no idea what you are doing.

Fasttrack: Saving my girlfriend and my sister. Let them go!

Policeman 2: No, it is the only way for us to arrest you.

Policeman 2 fires a stun bolt at Fasttrack, who jumps off the van to dodge then jumps back on behind Policeman 2.

Fasttrack: You can't beat me that easily.

Policeman 2 goes to fire the weapon at Fasttrack but has his weapon taken from him. Fasttrack uses his speed to grab the keys of Policeman 2, but a flash races past, grabs April and Kai and runs off, and then the van blows up. Fasttrack follows the blur. He later finds April and Kai in forest on the side of the road, and another Fasttrack lookalike there. Fasttrack goes to April and Kai.

Fasttrack: You two okay?

April: Jon? Then who are you?

Speedline: I'm Dakota Rex, but people call me OmniDragon.

Kai: But then why are you Fasttrack?

Speedline: Fasttrack?

Fasttrack: Yeah, me, this alien.

April notices the Adaptimatrix symbol.

April: The Purple Symbol, looks like the Ultimatrix Symbol.

Fasttrack: Yeah it does.

The Adaptimatrix times out reverting Speedline into OmniDragon.

OmniDragon: I've been looking for you Jon Marron for a long time.

Fasttrack: We need to talk, but not here.

Fasttrack grabs OmniDragon, April and Kai. Back at the main forest, Max AU has defeated Policeman 1, who is tied up to a tree. Fasttrack enters and puts down Kai, OmniDragon and April. The Ultimatrix times out and Fasttrack turns into Jon. April sees Policeman 1 tied to the tree, with Max AU standing next to the policeman.

Max AU: I thought we could get some answers form him.

Jon: Good thinking.

OmniDragon: Is he your Grandpa?

Jon: No.

April: We know he is you from another dimension, Jon.

Policeman 1: Dimension travel isn't possible.

Jon: Are you stupid?! Must be if you believe the impostor to be me.

April: Buckingham Palace, Gavin, Ultimate Vilgax and everyone. Different versions of Ben Tennyson.

Policeman 1: Public stunt.

OmniDragon: Buckingham Palace, Gavin, Ultimate Vilgax? What are you talking about?

Jon: They all happened some time ago, but I guess Gavin doesn't exist in your Universe.

OmniDragon: Can't say I've met him. But what happened at the Palace?

Jon: The Queen almost got badly hurt! I'm the one who has to protect her majesty because stupid policemen like you can't even look after the country!

Max AU: You better tell us what you know.

Policeman 1: I'm not telling you anything.

Jon: Fine, then you'll have to show us without your will of doing so.

OmniDragon: What alien you on about?

Jon: Whampire.

Kai: Going for Mind Control I see.

Jon selects Whampire on the Ultimatrix and presses the core down but gets Sleep Fairy (Pesky Dust). Sleep Fairy is similar to the Omniverse.

Sleep Fairy: Sleep Fairy!

April: You're kidding me.

Sleep Fairy: This is not Whampire!

OmniDragon: Does this happen a lot?

Kai: A few times.

Sleep Fairy goes to the Policeman and puts him to sleep. Inside the dream, Policeman 1 is at work with his friend Policeman 2.

Policeman 1: So why are we now going after Jon?

Policeman 2: We have been given evidence that Jon has gone on a rampage.

Policeman 1: Shouldn't be difficult to stop him. Who gave us the tip?

Policeman 2: We don't know, but he looked like a fan boy of Jon Marron.

Sleep Fairy exists the dream and we are now back in the forest.

Kai: Well?

Sleep Fairy: They said a fan boy gave them the tip that I went insane.

Max AU: Must have been Insane Jon.

Sleep Fairy: That's what I'm thinking.

The Ultimatrix times out and Sleep Fairy reverts to Jon.

OmniDragon: May not be. An evil version of me has come to this Universe too.

Jon: An evil version of you?

April: How come they didn't recognise him then and there? If it is Insane Jon.

Kai: I admit, they must have thought Jon would be weird to ask himself to be chased after.

Max AU: Insane Jon doesn't look that similar to you.

Jon: I expected that, other wise it wouldn't be another dimension would it.

OmniDragon: Now what? We still need to find the evil version of me, and this Insane Jon.

Jon: No idea.

April: We can't let your evil self do what ever he is planning. Or OmniDragons.

Jon: He's had plenty of chances to do that April.

Max AU: Unless he isn't planning on killing April.

OmniDragon: NegaDragon wouldn't be attacking April.

Max AU: I mean Insane Jon.

Kai: He could be after you Jon.

Jon: But why me? What have I done which Insane Jon doesn't like?

Max AU: Not sure. Though he may want to get rid of you as you may be a threat to his plans, whatever they may be.

April: Or someone else's plans.

Jon: What do you mean by that?

April: Gavin?

OmniDragon: NegaDragon?

Jon: If Gavin had got to him, we would have seen Insane Jon in the big battle we had with Gavin and his team. Though NegaDragon could be a good candidate.

April: True. Though I'm wondering if he is helping someone.

Kai: When we find him, we can ask him.

Max AU: You think asking him is going to be easy?

Jon: If it wasn't going to be easy, then I wouldn't consider him a threat. We need to get the Plumbers off my back first, before I can deal with Insane me.

OmniDragon: I'm helping you too. NegaDragon is here in this Universe for some reason.

April: And how do you, all mighty celebrity, achieve this?

Jon: A higher form of the Plumbers.

OmniDragon: You're a celebrity?

Kai: Yeah he is.

The scene moves to a warehouse. There are a few boxes scattered around the warehouse. Magister Trill walks into the center of the room. Jon exits from behind a box and goes to Magister Trill.

Magister Trill: So they haven't killed you yet?

Jon: Threat?

Magister Trill: Just a check up.

Jon: You know the others an impostor right?

Magister Trill: Yeah. Paradox told me, Max Tennyson and a few other Magisters that the Jon putting you on the run, is from another dimension.

Jon: Yeah, called the Insane dimension. How did you know to trust Paradox?

Magister Trill: Max said Paradox always helps in a difficult situation.

Jon: He does indeed.

Suddenly some Plumbers break in. Jon looks puzzled and Magister Trill pulls off his ID mask proving himself to be another Plumber.

Plumber: Gullible.

Jon: Lousy.

The Plumber handcuffs Jon and they take him away to Plumber Command. April, OmniDragon, Kai and Max AU step out from behind some boxes further back.

OmniDragon: Step one complete.

April: Yeah. Though I hope he'll be okay.

Max AU: This is Jon we are talking about.

April: Who you used to hate.

Max AU: I made a misjudgement.

Kai: Let's follow his Ultimatrix signal.

The scene moves to a holding cell, on the Plumber base within London. A few Plumbers are there to look over Jon in case he tries to get away. An Alpha Plumber comes in. He is a Petrosapien and is wearing a red uniform. NegaDragon is hiding in the shadows, not noticed by anyone.

Alpha Plumber: Jon Marron. Didn't expect you to be caught. Three months on the run. And we get you in a simple warehouse.

Jon: What do you want to know?

Alpha Plumber: Now we have you here Mr. Marron, we don't need to know anything. You are going to go to court for your crimes.

Jon: Go on then, but you can't stop what's coming.

Alpha Plumber: From you I suppose.

Jon: Not me, but in a sense you are right.

Alpha Plumber: I don't have time to play games. Keep an eye on him.

The Alpha Plumber walks out. NegaDragon is still in the shadows.

NegaDragon: Better put Jon to sleep before taking him to Insane Jon.

NegaDragon is about to move from the shadows when another Plumber walks in and signals the other plumbers, who are looking over Jon, to leave. They do so as they see the Plumber who has just entered with a weapon. When they leave, the Plumber takes off his ID mask and is revealed to be Magister Trill.

Jon: Took your time.

Magister Trill: Sorry. April and Kai got hold of me, along with a Max. He looked a bit strange.

Jon: It's Max from another Universe.

Magister Trill: I believed so. And this Jon, he is from another Universe too?

Jon: Yeah, known as the insane dimension, due to his insanity. Where are April, Kai and Max now?

Max AU enters with Kai. NegaDragon, still in the shadows looks annoyed. OmniDragon then walks over to Jon, Magister Trill, Kai and Max AU. NegaDragon looks angry, still in the shadows.

Jon: Where's April?

Kai: She got captured.

Jon: I need to go.

OmniDragon: You can't. Insane Jon has just been spotted heading towards Trafalgar Square.

Jon: Hold him off.

Max AU: How?

Jon: I was addressing Magister Trill.

OmniDragon: I’ll go with you.

Jon: Why?

OmniDragon: I’m a hero too, and I know when people need help!

Jon and OmniDragon run out of the room. NegaDragon smirks then moves away unseen. Jon and OmniDragon enter the bridge. April is chained to a wall, with the Alpha Plumber and some other Plumbers standing next to her.

Alpha Plumber: Check mate I believe.

Jon: Why are you doing this? Surely you know that I am not doing what you think I have done.

Alpha Plumber: We only care about getting justice.

OmniDragon: By chaining up his sister.

Alpha Plumber: Got him here didn't it.

Jon: Last chance, let her go. Then let me and her leave this place, let us find Insane Jon, stop him and save this dimension.

Alpha Plumber: You have truly lost it.

Jon: Then when Trafalgar Square gets destroyed, don't blame me.

NegaDragon is hiding behind a pillar on the bridge. OmniDragon notices him.

OmniDragon: Seems like my counterpart is here too.

Jon: Huh?

OmniDragon runs towards NegaDragon and hits his Adaptimatrix and transforms into StretchE. StretchE goes and punches NegaDragon and NegaDragon dodges. Jon hits the Ultimatrix and turns into Artiguana. Artiguana freezes April’s chains and then punches them, setting April free. StretchE sees Jon has gotten April and throws a Plumber van at NegaDragon. April then holds onto Artiguana and they both run off down the bridge, with StretchE using his elasticity to go at the same speed as Artiguana. Near the exit, Artiguana and April meet up with Max AU, Kai and Magister Trill. StretchE stops and hits the Adaptimatrix and transforms into Methangerous and throws seeds onto the floor, which grows into big vines, stopping the pursuing Plumbers and NegaDragon getting any closer. The six of them leave for Trafalgar Square. At Trafalgar Square, only Jon and OmniDragon (now in Human form) walk into the center. Two Plumbers and the Alpha Plumber arrive and point guns at him to arrest them. NegaDragon is with the Plumbers.

Jon (Sarcastic): Oh no, you have caught me, my plans of Universal domination won't work now. All because of you annoying Plumbers.

OmniDragon: When did they team up with you?

NegaDragon: We are going after the same cause, only fair.

Alpha Plumber: We will always uphold the law.

Jon: But you can, can't you.

Alpha Plumber: What?

Jon: Don't worry, I have a notion. A sense that the impostor is here. Or me in your case.

Alpha Plumber: What are you on about? He's lost it.

OmniDragon: I’m not following here.

Magister Trill walks next to the two Plumbers and the Alpha Plumber. Kai, April and Max AU are next to Magister Trill.

Jon: If I could destroy the Universe or this world.

The Plumbers notice Magister Trill, April, Kai and Max AU.

Magister Trill: Don't you think he would have done it by now.

Jon: It has been three months.

April: Would only take a week to destroy Earth.

Kai: Three months to control the Galaxy.

Jon: But then again, you're insane. Nothing works for you, does it?

OmniDragon: Now I get it!

A hole above Jon and the others appears. Insane Jon, who has been observing the whole thing, falls out of it smirking. While falling he hits his Ultimatrix and turns into Insane Armodrillo. Insane Armodrillo is all black with red eyes. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest and is black and yellow. Insane Armodrillo smashes onto the ground causing everyone to topple over.

Alpha Plumber: Another Ultimatrix wearer?

Insane Armodrillo: Though I'm better. NegaDragon, you done well to get them here.

NegaDragon: We had a deal, so I’m happy to help.

Jon: You're insane, that makes you worse. Magister Trill, get everyone out of here.

April: I'm staying with you. Always have done, always will.

Kai: I'm not leaving either. We are here to support you.

Max AU: I'm here, you can defeat insane Jon. If anyone can, it’s you.

Insane Armodrillo: You are all staying to watch his demise. Ahaha.

OmniDragon: Jon has his friends.

Insane Armodrillo: You all have nothing. His death will be sweet.

Jon: Yep, lost it.

Jon activates the Ultimatrix, getting holograms. The Plumbers and Magister Trill leave the area. Jon rotates the faceplate till he gets Kickin Hawk and then presses the faceplate down. Kickin Hawk is the same as his Omniverse.

Kickin Hawk: Kickin Hawk! Let's do this.

Kickin Hawk runs towards Insane Armodrillo and throws multiple punches at him. Insane Armodrillo blocks them all, and then punches Kickin Hawk along the floor, with Kickin Hawk bouncing a few times till he gets next to April and Kai. Kai and April help Kickin Hawk up. OmniDragon hits the Adaptimatrix and transforms into Methangerous and goes after NegaDragon. They fight off screen.

April: Maybe another Alien?

Kickin Hawk: Worth a shot.

Kickin Hawk hits his Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Diamondhead.

Diamondhead: Are you trying to get me killed Ultimatrix?!

Insane Armodrillo: Seems so.

Diamondhead: Dude, that was rhetorical!

Insane Armodrillo runs towards Diamondhead with the drills on his hands rotating. Diamondhead puts up a diamond barrier and Insane Armodrillo destroys it with ease.

Diamondhead: You are so kidding me!

Diamondhead then fires some diamond projectiles at Insane Armodrillo and they land, but do nothing to him. Insane Armodrillo then runs towards Diamondhead with the drills rotating and when they hit Diamondhead, he goes flying into a nearby building. Methangerous fires a fire ball at NegaDragon and NegaDragon flies over to Max AU and is unconscious. Methangerous gets out handcuffs and places them on NegaDragon. The Adaptimatrix times out and becomes Human again. OmniDragon watches Jon and insane Jon fight.

Insane Armodrillo: Anyone else?

April: You'll never win.

Insane Armodrillo: Time I killed you. If I can't have you in my dimension, then he can't have you in this one.

Insane Armodrillo picks up April and is about to throw her to the floor when a green flash happens and Diamondhead has transformed into Polar Smash. Polar Smash runs towards Insane Armodrillo. Polar Smash hits insane Armodrillo causing him to let go of April but goes flying and crashing into the ground. Polar Smash then goes to April and stands on two legs.

Polar Smash: You okay sis?

April: Yeah thanks.

OmniDragon: That is good.

Polar Smash is about to hug April, but a laser blast hits Polar Smash causing him to fall on all fours. Polar Smash turns around and finds that Insane Armodrillo has now turned into Insane Eatle. Insane Eatle is completely red with black eyes. He has the Omniverse appearance.

Polar Smash: This isn't going to go well at all, is it?

OmniDragon: When does it.

Polar Smash: True.

Insane Eatle runs towards Polar Smash, and Polar Smash runs towards Insane Eatle. While running, Insane Eatle fires energy beams at Polar Smash. Polar Smash jumps and fires some ice projectiles from his mouth at Insane Eatle, only for them to be destroyed by energy blasts. Both Polar Smash and Insane Eatle stop.

Polar Smash: I need a new alien for this to work.

Polar Smash hits his Ultimatrix and transforms into Ink Jet.

Ink Jet: Ink Jet!

Ink Jet fires some ink from the cannons on his back at Insane Eatle, knocking him back. Insane Eatle then hits his Ultimatrix symbol and turns into Insane Stinkfly and flies into the air. Insane Stinkfly is all black and his clothes are red. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his tail.

Ink Jet: Now he can fly. Typical. But maybe.

Insane Stinkfly starts firing goo at Ink Jet. They hit Ink Jet but slide off, doing no damage. Insane Stinkfly looks confused. Ink Jet then rotates his cannons so they are facing the ground. He continuously fires ink from them and starts to levitate.

Ink Jet: This is a lot harder with no wings.

Kai: Ink Jet can fly?

Max AU: Anything is possible, I guess.

OmniDragon: Ink Jet is cool.

Ink Jet tries to move towards Insane Stinkfly, but finds it difficult to manoeuvre and stay up in the air. Insane Stinkfly sees this as an opportunity and head butts Ink Jet, causing Ink Jet to fall to the floor, creating a crater around him.

OmniDragon: Now not as cool.

April: Shut up!

Ink Jet gets up and hits the Ultimatrix and transforms into Water Hazard.

Water Hazard: Right, time to make the fly fall with the rain.

April: What?

Kai: You'll see.

Water Hazard aims his arms into the air and fires water up in the air. Water Hazard moves his arms in circles, still holding them in the air, so the water gets a greater area. The water disperses and turns into small droplets of rain. The rain hits insane Stinkfly's wings and he comes crashing down. The Ultimatrix on Water Hazard times out and Water Hazard reverts back into Jon. Insane Stinkfly hits his Ultimatrix reverting back into Insane Jon.

Jon: Why are you attacking my dimension?

Insane Jon: Why not.

Max AU: You are attacking this dimension, not to kill April, but to kill Jon.

Kai: Okay, but why not kill Jon already?

Jon: We know that insane me always had the motion to kill me.

OmniDragon: To be fair, teaming up with NegaDragon, it makes sense.

April: But why wait so long?

Max AU: He is attacking this version of you, due to his calculations.

Jon: What calculations?

Insane Jon: I calculated that you were the only version of myself whom I deem a threat.

April: So Jon is a threat to you?

Insane Jon: Yes. There is no other Jon out there, in any dimension, which poses such a threat to me.

Jon: Because I have a better life than you? Or because my dimension is the only one with April still alive?

April: What?

Jon: Paradox told me that in all the other dimensions which we are in, you are dead.

Insane Jon: Not having April would destroy you, leave you open. April is your balancing point, your sanity. She keeps your jigsaw together. All the other dimensions don't have April, so they aren't as structured or threatening.

OmniDragon: An easier way to kill him then.

Insane Jon: Now you are getting it.

Jon's Ultimatrix flashes green, with only Jon knowing.

Jon: Then why not kill me the three months you had me on the run?

Insane Jon: I had to observe you, understand you.

Max AU: For the best way to attack. First time you actually thought of something.

Insane Jon: But now I know how you work, operate, I can kill you.

Jon: With all the cameras showing that you stood me up. That you tricked the whole world into thinking I was a murderer.

Insane Jon: It worked, did it not.

Kai: But now you have just given confirmation to the world that you tricked them. Look around, there are TV cameras everywhere.

There are some TV crews around filming the fight, and the revelation.

Insane Jon: Argh.

Jon: Don't like losing do you, then again who does.

Insane Jon: Forget this.

Insane Jon hits his Ultimatrix and transforms into Insane Diamondhead. His is red with black clothing. His Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest, in the centre.

Insane Diamondhead: And here we go. Straight to the director’s cut.

Jon: That would be such a good line if this was a movie.

OmniDragon: The walls broken.

Insane Diamondhead runs towards Jon turning his hands into scythes. Jon raises his Ultimatrix and hits the face plate fast, wanting to get any alien. Jon transforms into Sonic Wolf.

Sonic Wolf: Sonic Wolf!

Sonic Wolf jumps over Insane Diamondhead and Insane Diamondhead stops and turns towards Sonic Wolf.

Kai: Aw, my favorite alien!

Sonic Wolf: Not now Kai.

Insane Diamondhead fires diamond projectiles at Sonic Wolf, but Sonic Wolf howls them down to the ground.

Sonic Wolf: Trying my attack against me.

Insane Diamondhead: You can't win.

Sonic Wolf: One thing I have lived by.

Insane Diamondhead: What is that?

Sonic Wolf: Can't isn't a word.

Sonic Wolf howls at Insane Diamondhead causing him to splinter. Insane Diamondhead hits his Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Insane Snare-Oh. Insane Snare-Oh is red and has black eyes. His Ultimatrix is on his forehead.

Sonic Wolf: Who on earth is that dude?

Insane Snare-Oh: A Thep Khufan.

Sonic Wolf: Never heard of it.

Insane Snare-Oh wraps his bandages around Sonic Wolf's mouth, so he can't howl. Sonic Wolf then hits his Ultimatrix and transforms into Shocksquatch. Shocksquatch then fires electricity along the bandages, shocking Insane Snare-Oh causing him to let go and move back. Insane Snare-Oh then falls onto his knees.

Shocksquatch: I thought you said you observed me.

Insane Snare-Oh: Lucky shot. Let me get my A game.

Insane Snare-oh hits his Ultimatrix and turns into Insane Ghostfreak. Insane Ghostfreak is black with a dark red eye. The chains are red and the Ultimatrix is in the middle of the four chains, like Omniverse Ghostfreak.

Insane Ghostfreak: Well, what do you say?

Shocksquatch: Bring it, I'll give you a shocker.

OmniDragon: Dude, you’re punny.

Kai: Really? You had to say that?

Shocksquatch fires some electricity at Insane Ghostfreak but Insane Ghostfreak turns intangible and the electricity goes straight through him. Shocksquatch then runs towards Insane Ghostfreak and throws an electric punch at him, but Insane Ghostfreak dodges it, then gets his tentacles, picks up Shocksquatch and smashes him into the ground.

Shocksquatch: Ow.

Shocksquatch gets up, weakly. Kai and April walk over to Shocksquatch.

Kai: Let me try.

Kai hits the Ultimatrix on Shocksquatch and Shocksquatch transforms into Slippery Fish (Walkatrout). Slippery fish is identical to Walkatrout. Slippery Fish frowns at Kai. April goes over to Slippery Fish and hits the Ultimatrix and Slippery Fish transforms into Swampfire. Swampfire smiles at April then hits the Ultimatrix symbol, transforming into Ultimate Swampfire.

Ultimate Swampfire: Ultimate Swampfire!

Insane Ghostfreak: You can go ultimate?

Ultimate Swampfire: No duh.

OmniDragon: Ultimate?

Kai: The Ultimatrix allows the user to evolve the alien to their fullest power.

Insane Ghostfreak hits the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Insane Cannonbolt and then he hits the Ultimatrix again and transforms into Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt. Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt has a black shell and red stomach. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his head.

Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt: Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt!

Ultimate Swampfire: Just by adding Insane in front of your name, doesn't mean you’re more powerful.

Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt: We will see about that.

Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt rolls towards Ultimate Swampfire. Ultimate Swampfire throws some seeds onto the floor in front of him. They quickly grow into a vine wall, hoping to stop Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt, but to no avail as Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt rolls straight through them and hits Ultimate Swampfire causing him to fly into another building.

Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt: There, done and dusted.

A green egg like bomb lands near Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt and explodes, making Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt fly back a few feet. Ultimate Swampfire then walks up to Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt till he is face to face with him.

Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt: You won't win.

Ultimate Swampfire: I think that you have drawn your final straw.

Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt: We'll see.

Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt rolls into Ultimate Swampfire. Ultimate Swampfire holds onto Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt, who is still rolling, and ejects two bombs from his palms. Both Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt and Ultimate Swampfire are on their front. Both the Ultimatrixes time out. Insane Ultimate Cannonbolt reverts to Insane Jon and Ultimate Swampfire reverts to Swampfire then Jon. They both stand, slowly.

Jon: This is your last chance to get off my Planet and back to your own dimension.

Insane Jon: Not a chance.

Insane Jon hits his Ultimatrix and gets Insane Way Big.  Insane Way Big is black and red and has the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Insane Way Big: How do you like me now?

Jon: Pah.

Jon hits his Ultimatrix, hoping to get Way Big as well. He transforms into Ulticon.

Ulticon: Ulticon! This is not going to go well.

Insane Way Big stamps onto Ulticon, though Ulticon seems to be stopping Insane Way Big's foot at first, Ulticon gets stepped into the ground.

April: Jon!

Kai: Has Insane Jon won?

OmniDragon: I hope not.

April: This is Jon we are talking about. I bet he is going to be fine.

The cameras around are focusing on Insane Way Big's foot, due to Ulticon being underneath it.

Insane Way Big: All before me, witness my power!

Suddenly Insane Way Big starts to tilt as Ulticon is lifting him off him.

Insane Way Big: Want to play it that way.

Insane Way Big hits the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms into Insane Ultimate Way Big.  Insane Ultimate Way Big stamps on Ulticon causing a bit of a tremble on the ground.

Max AU: It seems the Jon in this dimension has fallen.

Insane Ultimate Way Big takes his foot off Ulticon, and Ulticon is lying, back into the ground in a hole.

Ultimate Insane Way Big: I have won!

April: You're a monster.

Max AU: I'm sorry.

April: Jon hasn't been defeated. He will always prevail against evil like you.

Kai: April is right.

OmniDragon: I haven’t seen Jon that long, but he never seems to gives up.

The camera is on Ulticon and the Ultimatrix symbol starts to glow green, slowly getting brighter. April, Kai, Max AU and Insane Ultimate Way Big notice.

Ultimate Insane Way Big: Impossible!

The Ultimatrix on Ulticon flashes and gives of a big amount light. This light engulfs Ulticon. Within the light Ulticon is undergoing his Ultimate transformation. Ulticon grows two feet taller, now 10 foot tall. He has bulkier arms and also has big metal disks coming out of his shoulders. His chest has the Ultimatrix symbol in the middle but around the symbol is a big amount of green energy, like Nuclear Warfare. There are some small pathways going from the chest, to different parts of the body; his arms, shoulders, legs and head. The light disperses revealing Ultimate Ulticon.

OmniDragon: Whoa! Awesome.

Ultimate Ulticon: Ultimate Ulticon!

Ultimate Insane Way Big: This can't be. I destroyed your body!

Ultimate Ulticon: You tried.

Ultimate Insane Way Big fires a cosmic beam from his arms at Ultimate Ulticon. Ultimate Ulticon puts his hands out, blocking it. When Ultimate Insane Way Big stops attacking, Ultimate Ulticon is left unscathed.

Ultimate Ulticon: So much power!

April: Get him Jon!

Ultimate Ulticon flies towards Ultimate Insane Way Big and picks him up. April, Kai and Max AU are shocked. Ultimate Ulticon and Ultimate Insane Way Big fly up quite a bit till Ultimate Ulticon chucks Ultimate Insane Way Big back towards the ground. Ultimate Insane Way Big smashes into the ground causing a crater. Ultimate Ulticon flies back towards Ultimate Insane Way Big with his fist aimed at Ultimate Insane Way Big. When the collision happens, a big amount of smoke engulfs Ultimate Insane Way Big and Ultimate Ulticon. When the smoke clears, Ultimate Insane Way Big has reverted back to Insane Jon. Magister Trill enters and places handcuffs on Insane Jon. April looks up to Ultimate Ulticon.

April: Well done Jon, I knew you could do it.

Ultimate Ulticon gives no reply.

Kai: Can he not hear us when he is that high up?

Magister Trill: He can hear.

Max AU: Then what is wrong?

Magister Trill: The Ulticon race is extinct for a reason.

OmniDragon: Extinct for a reason?

Ultimate Ulticon looks at April, Kai, Max AU, OmniDragon and Magister Trill. Ultimate Ulticon looks angry, ready to strike. OmniDragon gets ready to activate the Adaptimatrix. Azmuth teleports in onto April's shoulder.

Azmuth: Ultimatrix, hard reset. Recharge mode.

Ultimatrix: Command accepted. Entering recharge mode.

A big green light engulfs Ultimate Ulticon and he reverts back into Jon. Jon's eyes stay green for a few seconds then they return to normal. Jon stumbles towards the floor, OmniDragon catches him and Jon leans on OmniDragon.

Jon: That was so strange.

Azmuth: It would be. Transforming into an Ulticon is okay, but unlocking its true power by going Ultimate, you lost control.

Jon: That sounds right.

Kai: What is the last thing you remember?

Jon: I remember everything I done. I just lost control of Ultimate Ulticon after I chucked Ultimate Insane Way Big back towards the ground.

April: You looked like you were going to attack us.

Jon: It seemed like Ulticon wanted to do.

Magister Trill: This is why the Ulticon's are extinct.

OmniDragon: I'm not following.

Azmuth: By going Ultimate, Ulticon regain his true power. I told Paradox never to unlock Ulticon in the first place.

Jon: You didn't want him to?

Azmuth: I had doubts. I thought that you going Ulticon, you wouldn't be able to control the power, and become lost. But you were able to control Ulticon. It was until today, that you were able to control Ulticon, I'm not sure you will be able to control Ulticon anymore when you aren't Ultimate.

Jon: I didn't want to go Ultimate. I never touched the Ultimatrix or thought to go Ultimate.

Kai: So the Ultimatrix made you go Ultimate?

Jon: Nah, it’s like Ulticon gained control for a second and forced me to turn into Ultimate Ulticon.

Azmuth: It will be too dangerous to lock Ulticon now. You must not use it.

Jon: With the power it has, I don't want to.

OmniDragon: Why not, with all that power.

Jon: But imagine me as Ulticon, with all that power but not being able to control it.

April: So, what are we going to do with insane you?

Azmuth: I can send a portal back to the insane Universe.

Max AU: And I can lock him up in a cell especially made for him back there.

Jon: And NegaDragon?

OmniDragon: I’ll take care of him. He’ll come back to my Universe. Don’t think you’ll see us again.

April: Oh.

Kai: It was nice meeting you.

Jon: You’re cool, sorry for thinking you were evil after you saved April and Kai.

OmniDragon: Anyone can make that mistake.

Jon: Maybe see you around. The multiverse works in weird ways.

Azmuth opens a portal and Max AU walks towards it, carrying Insane Jon. Max AU nods towards Jon and then enters the portal. Jon can stand without leaning on anyone. OmniDragon grabs NegaDragon, waves to the hero’s and then enters the portal, which closes behind him.

Kai: Now, what are you going to do?

Jon: Give a speech to the people of London.

Azmuth: I'd like to give you an update on Jack.

April: And? Can he use his powers again?

Azmuth: He can but not fully. He will stay on Galvin till he can use his powers to full effect again.

Jon: Thanks Azmuth.

Azmuth: No need, just keep doing what you are already doing.

Azmuth teleports away. It is now evening and Jon is standing in Hyde Park. There are cameras all around, giving live footage to people at home. There are also people in Hyde Park waiting for Jon to speak. Jon steps onto the podium.

Jon: I am here today to say that Insane Jon, the person the Police and Plumbers thought was me, has been taken back to his Universe and he won't be back for a long time.

News Reporter Female: What are you going to say to the Police and Plumbers who thought you went rogue?

Jon: You thought I went rogue too. I did see the news while on the run. The Police and Plumbers acted like they would have when they are told about terrorism, though they know me better than the army, or you people here today and watching at home. They know I always help and have never once thought about killing people. They should have kept that in mind while chasing me.

News Reporter Female: You sound like you’re going to say something else towards the Police and Plumbers.

Jon: I am. For the time being, I will not be helping the Police or Plumbers in any problems which they may have.

Everyone gasps.

Jon: I know there are aliens out there which need to be dealt with, and I will deal with them. But I am not going after jewel thief’s or bank robbers for the Police and I am not going after escaped prisoners from the Plumber base cells.

Jon walks off the podium and enters his car and drives off. Back at Jon and April's house, April is watching TV, along with Grandma Margaret. Jon walks into the house. April and Jon hug each other. They release each other and Jon looks around the house.

Jon: Seems like you kept the place clean Grandma.

Margaret: April did help a bit. Mainly cleaning her bedroom and yours.

Jon: Mine?

April: I haven't moved anything which was on your desk or anything.

Jon: Good.

A few days pass. April and Kai are in the kitchen with a birthday cake. There are some of Jon's friends there.

April: Okay, Jon is going to walk through the door any minute.

Everyone hides. Jon walks through the door and everyone jumps out.

Everyone: Happy Birthday!

Jon: Wow, this is a surprise.

April: Happy 19th Jon.

April gives Jon a kiss on the cheek and hands him her present. Jon opens it and sees a book, by his favourite author.

Jon: Thanks April.

Jon hugs her. Kai gives Jon her present to him. Jon opens it and it is a collage of pictures in one big frame of Jon, Kai, April and Jack from their holiday to Spain.

Jon: Thanks Kai!

Jon and Kai kiss.

Kai: There is one more present.

Everyone looks confused at Kai. Kai goes and opens the kitchen door and Jack walks out, with a smug look on his face and his hands in his pockets.

Jon: Jack?

April runs over to him and they have a long hug. After the hug, Jon and Jack fist bump.

Jack: I'm all fixed.

Jon: Good to hear.

Jack: Azmuth told me about the insane version of you.

April: You should have seen Jon.

Jack: I will.

April: What do you mean?

Jack: Eva has collated video footage from her camera and the news and put it into one long documentary. She's releasing it on DVD for £5 and all the money goes to a charity of Jon's choice.

Jon: Wish she told me about this first. She better cut out the Ulticon part.

Kai: You still worried?

Jon: It's like Ulticon wants to be accessed. Be used.

Jack: Azmuth told me that would be dangerous.

April: Well let’s not talk about it. We have a PARTY!

Everyone one gets into the party. The camera goes towards Jon's Ultimatrix and a hologram of Ulticon briefly appears.

After Word

If you have read the whole movie, then thank you! I spent a few months thinking and writing the movie, which turned out quite well, and I had to go over some stuff and re write other parts of the movie. Tell me in the comments how the movie was for you.




  • Insane Jon (Insane Dimension)
  • NegaDragon
  • Plumbers
  • Police


  • Kid
  • News Reporter Female
  • Cafe Owner

Aliens Used



  • Speedline
  • StretchE
  • Methangerous

Insane Jon

  • Insane Swampfire
  • Insane Armodrillo
  • Insane Eatle
  • Insane Stinkfly
  • Insane Diamondhead
  • Insane Snare-oh
  • Insane Ghostfreak
  • Cannonbolt
  • Insane Ultimate
  • Insane Way Big
  • nsane Ultimate Way Big


  • The Movie has already been written
  • OmniDragon offered his hero and NegaDragon to the movie
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