Jon's Mentor is the first episode of Jon: Ultimate Adventures

Jon's Mentor
General Information
Original broadcast November 1, 2014
Series Jon: Ultimate Adventures
Season 1
Episode number 1
Episode number in production order 1
Overall episode number 1
Written by Polarbear114
Directed by Polarbear114
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The setting is undertown, in Ben Tennyson's dimension. This takes place a few days after Weapon XI. We see Pakmars shop, Psyphon runs past it. Ben, as Crashhopper pursues him. Rook is behind slightly. Crashhopper then head butts Psyphon but Psyphon dodges. Rook shoots a cable at him from his proto-tool. This gets Psyphon. Rook is now near Psyphon and Crashhopper lands next to Rook.

Crashhopper: Nice going Rook.

Rook: Thanks partner. Now Psyphon, you have the right to remain silent.

Psyphon gets an energy cannon out from his pocket, he fires it both at Rook and Crashhopper. They fly back a bit. The Omnitrix times out and Ben is now in his Humans form. Psyphon then aims the gun at them again and fires. Ben and Rook cover their eyes, but a few seconds later, Rook opens them. He sees Diamond Head, Jon, and believes it to be Ben.

Rook: Ben?

Ben (Next to him): I'm right here Rook.

Rook (Confused): Then who is that?

Psyphon tries to run away but Diamond Head punches him and traps him in diamond cuffs.

The Ultimatrix symbol times out and Diamond Head turns into Jon.

Ben (Confused & Surprised): Say who with the what now?


Jon: Hey, I'm Jon.

Jon offers his hand out, but Ben gets up without Jon's help. Rook on the other hand grasps Jon's hand and Jon helps him up.

Jon: I can't believe you were having trouble with Psyphon.

Rook: You know Psyphon?

Azmuth from Jon's Dimension enters.

Ben: Azmuth?

Azmuth: Yes. I believe I can help. We are both from another dimension, and I have brought Jon here so you can help him understand the Ultimatrix better, as I believe you have had one before.

Azmuth then messes around with Jon's Ultimatrix.

Ultimatrix: Command accepted. Set 6 now active. Random 10 aliens selected.

Jon: Hey! Why do I only get ten?

Azmuth: Until I see improving results, 10 is all you can access.

Azmuth then teleports away.

Rook: We better take him to Plumber HQ.

Jon: HQ?

Transition to Plumber HQ, Max and Magister Patelliday are there and standing in front of them is Jon. Rook and Ben are off to the side.

Ben: And then Azmuth left.

Max: I see. Patelliday, make sure Blukic and Driba are ready, they will need to scan him. Make sure he isn't dangerous.

Magister Patelliday leaves.

Jon: How can I be dangerous, I was brought here by Azmuth and I saved these two from Psyphon

Rook: This is true Magister Tennyson.

Max: Right, but I want to be sure.

Ben: We'll take him to the lab.

At Blukic and Driba's lab. Jon is lying down on the table, Driba is pressing some buttons and a scan goes over Jon. When the scan is complete, Jon gets off the table and stands near the computer screen on the wall where Ben, Rook, Max and Blukic are.

Driba: It seems he is not dangerous.

Blukic: Part from the thing that he has on his wrist.

Jon: This is the Ultimatrix.

Driba: I've never heard of that.

Max: Well the scans seem to show that you are okay. Rook, I want Jon to stay with you and Ben.

Rook: Yes Magister Tennyson.

Max leaves. Blukic and Driba are getting their lab ready for something else.

Ben: Shall we go to Mr. Smoothies?

Jon: Mr. what?

The scene then changes to Ben, Rook and Jon sitting around a table with a smoothie each.

Ben: So, do you like it?

Jon: Strawberry and. (Sips Smoothie) carrot. Not a bad mix.

Ben: See, told you Rook.

Rook: Just because I don't see the appetising nature in mixing smoothies-

Rook is cut off when some forever knights shoot at Mr. Smoothies.

Jon: Who are they?

Rook: Forever knights, they want to get rid of everything Alien.

Jon: Ah, in my dimension, they help me from time to time. They are good guys.

Ben: Well here they are bad guys.

Jon: Ah, in that case, I choose Four Arms.

Jon activates the Ultimatrix and pushes it down. He transforms into Stinkfly.

Stinkfly: Stinkfly? I forgot, Azmuth made it so I only have 10 aliens and they are random.

Ben: Now, this is how you do it. Come on Bullfrag.

Rook: Ben, when ever has calling out you Aliens ever helped you change into them

Ben ignores Rook and selects a hologram, and pushes down the Omnitrix core. Ben transforms into Swampfire.

Stinkfly: Swampfire?

Swampfire: This is not the time to agree with Rook Omnitrix.

Rook: Maybe your form can help with Stinkfly. I'll hold them off.

Rook fires some bolts out of his proto-tool at the forever knights, giving Ben and Jon to come up with a plan.

Stinkfly: What does he mean your form can help with mine?

Swampfire: Oh I get it. Shoot your slime at them, I'll shoot fire and then they will blow up.

Stinkfly: You better know what you are going on about, other wise I'm going to listen to Rook from now on.

Stinkfly races towards the forever knights and then shoots slime at them. The forever knights are firing their weapons at Stinkfly. Stinkfly goes high in the air leading Swampfire to fire some fireballs towards the forever knights who are covered in slime. Rook stops firing at them and hides behind a table, while Swampfire's fireballs are travelling towards the forever knights. When the fireball hits the forever knights, an explosion happens sending them all over Bellwood, the blast also affects Stinkfly and Stinkfly lands on the floor next to Rook and Swampfire. Both the Ultimatrix and Omnitrix time out reverting Jon and Ben to their Human forms.

Jon: Thanks for blasting me.

Ben: I didn't know the explosion was going to be that big!

Rook: Sorry to get in between your argument, but the forever knights are now all over Bellwood.

Ben: Right, sorry. They would have all regrouped by now with no idea where they are heading.

Jon walks over to a piece of paper which he sees on the floor and picks it up, he then returns to Ben and Rook.

Jon: I think I found out where they were heading to.

Rook: Let me see. (Examines paper) They are heading to the hot spot where Ester is but that is the other side of where we are.

Ben: Which means this was a distraction.

Rook: I fear that they are planning on attacking two places at once.

Ben: Lets go to Ester first. Go to Grampa Max and tell him the situation, the Plumbers must have noticed something.

Rook leaves in one direction while Jon and Ben leave in the other, towards Esters home. The shot now turns into Esters home. The Kraaho are not fighting the forever knights and they are cowering behind some boulders. Ester is fighting 10 forever knights, two slip off without Ester or the Kraaho noticing. Ben and Jon enter.

Ben: Ester.

Ester: Ben, a bit of help would be nice.

Ben: No problem.

Ester: Who is he?

Ben: He's Jon, I'm mentoring him.

Jon(Sarcasm): Great job so far, you've caught me in an explosion when we did a combo move on the forever knights.

Ester:Maybe you could tell me another time.

Ben: Right.

Ester gets thrown by the forever knights onto Jon, causing them both to fall on the floor. Ben hits the Omnitrix and turns into Echo Echo. Jon and Ester get up.

Echo Echo: Got the Alien I wanted.

Jon: Surely Lodestar would be better.

Echo Echo ignores Jon and fights the forever knights. The forever knights fire on Echo Echo. Echo Echo dodges some but finally gets hit. Then he duplicates himself and surrounds the forever knights.

Echo Echo: Wall of sound!

Echo Echo creates sounds which traps the forever knights. The Kraaho hold their ears, along with Ester and Jon doing the same. The forever knights fall to the ground.

Echo Echo: I'm surprised that worked.

Jon: Great to know that was your only plan.

Two of the forever knights whom went off earlier are now back in the hot spot with a purple/orange core which is glowing.

Ester: No. Not that! That's keeps the hot spot at temperatures which aren't too high.

Echo Echo: No worries, Echo Echo will get it back.

Ben transforms back into Human as the Omnitrix times out. The forever knights put the core into their van. Jon starts moving towards them and they fire their blasters at him causing him to fly into the rock wall.

Ben: Jon! Oh Come on Omnitrix, work please.

Ester: I can stop them.

Ester extends her arms and grabs hold of the van. The two forever knights guarding the van repeatedly shoot at Esters arms causing her to let go. The two forever knights are about to enter their van when a green flash happens. Polar Smash, a polar bear like alien appears.
The Ultimatrix symbol is on his neck where a blue/white collar is.

Polar Smash: Polar Smash! Ooo. New Alien.

Ben: Great, good for you, now stop them!

Polar Smash: Right.

Polar Smash shoots ice beams out of his mouth and then freezes the van and the two forever knights.

Ester: Nice job.

Polar Smash: Thanks, but isn't it really hot in here. I'm baking.

The other 10 forever knights which Ben knocked out earlier as Echo Echo get up and move in front of the van. The Van and the 2 other forever knights defrost due to the heat.

Forever knight 1: Let's get out of here, deploy the smoke bombs.

Some of the forever knights throw smoke bombs in front of Ben, Ester and Polar Smash. When the smoke clears the forever knights have gone. Polar Smash is lying on the floor.

Ester: No, we need to get after them.

Ben: Right, but my Omnitrix is still timed out and Rook is where ever else the forever knights are attacking.

Ester: You contact Rook and meet him there. Me and Jon will go after them.

Ben notices Polar Smash on the floor, breathing heavily due to the heat.

Ben: We need to get Jon out of here.

Ester: He is too heavy in this form.

Some of the Kraaho pour water on Polar Smash. The water cools down Polar Smash and turns into snow. Polar Smash gets up.

Polar Smash: Thanks. Ben, find Rook, We'll go after the forever knights.

Ester gets on and Polar Smash runs out of the hole. We see Polar Smash stop outside Pakmars Shop. Ester gets down.

Ester: Do you even know where they are?

Polar Smash: Sorry, it's a new form. I have never used this one before.

Polar Smash exhales some cold air on to the ground and tyre marks are seen.

Ester: Nice, now you just need to keep doing that and we can find where they went.

Polar Smash: Agreed.

Ester gets back on Polar Smash and Polar Smash runs while breathing out cool air to see where the tyre marks are going. The shot now goes into the Plumbers HQ. Rook and Max are their talking, Ben enters.

Ben: The forever knights went with some purple ish glowing core. Ester said it helps keep the hot spot at the right temperatures.

Rook: This is worrying indeed.

Ben: You don't say.

Max: It is more worrying than we thought. Stores have said they have been losing some items. We thought nothing of it until now.

Ben: Why now?

Rook: They seem to be collecting items which will create a weapon which freezes the Planet.

Ben: Ah okay, but we can unfreeze that.

Max: Ben, they are going to freeze all aliens. Not just by ice, but by fire as well.

Ben: How is that possible?

Ben gets interrupted when a call comes in at the Plumber HQ . Max goes and answers it. There on the screen is Jon, now in human form, and Ester.

Max: What is it?

Jon: We have traced the tyre tracks which has the core in.

Ben: And where is it?

Ester: The park near the bank.

Max: Why would they be there?

Jon: That's where the tyre tracks end. I was wondering should I into Armodrillo or Chuck it.

Ben: Who's Chuck It?

Jon: A Gourmand.

Ben: Ah, I call that Upchuck.

Jon: That works too.

Rook: I suggest you do nothing till me and Ben get there. The more power the better.

Max: Agreed, I'll dispatch some Plumbers after you Rook. Keep your communications open.

Ben and Rook leave. Max presses some buttons on the computer desk. At the park Jon and Ester are waiting for Ben and Rook. They arrive in Rook's Proto Truck.

Jon: Nice truck.

Rook: Thanks. So this is as far as you could trace them?

Jon: Yes as Polar Smash.

Rook: Polar Smash?

Ben: A Polar bear looking alien, didn't do well in the hot spot.

Rook: Obviously, Polar Bears can't stand really high temperatures.

Ester: Um, back to trying to find them.

Ben: Right.

Rook scans the area. He then looks at Ben and shakes his head. Ben then dials in Wildmutt.

Wildmutt sniffs around the area and finds something of interest. The Omnitrix times out.

Ben: I smelt something here.

Jon: Must be where the forever knights are. Time to power up, going Water Hazard.

Rook (Stern): No, this is not the time, we could alert them.

Ester: Rook has a point.

Rook: Plus you only have 10 aliens at your disposal, which seem to be Diamond Head, Stinkfly and Polar Smash plus who ever else. You do not know who you have got.

Jon: I doubt I have Diamond Head considering I had access to all my aliens when I met you guys.

Ben: So, how do we get down there?

Ester looks at the ground closely and finds a button, she presses it and the grass moves down and slides to the right revealing a ramp leading down underground. The gang enter a room which has 3 big mechanical robots. Some forever knights are their as well.

Forever knight 3: Hold them guys up. You 4 with me.

5 forever knights go down a corridor to the left, leaving 11 forever knights left. 3 of them enter the robot suits and the rest grabs energy weapons and stance them towards Ben, Jon, Rook and Ester.

Jon: Ben, go with Ester after the forever knights, you can't let them get away.

Ben: Agreed.

Ben and Ester go down the corridor the other 5 forever knight went down. Jon and Rook are left to fight the forever knights and the 3 mechanical robots.

Rook: You get them robots, I'll get the 8 on the floor.

Jon: Right.

Rook fires the proto-tool at the forever knights. Jon opens up the Ultimatrix. He slaps down the Ultimatrix and gets Shocksquatch.

Shocksquatch: Shocksquatch. Nice, now lets give them a charge.

Rook: Witty as Ben.

Shocksquatch shoots electricity at the 3 mechanical robots but nothing happens, they all fire about 25 missiles towards Shocksquatch. This sends Shocksquatch flying and lying on the floor. Rook tries some hand to hand combat with the forever knights but then gets hit proto-tool broken and then one of them throws Rook on the floor next to Shocksquatch. Shocksquatch gets up and sees Rook on the floor unconscious.

Shocksquatch: Right, new alien. Lets see who else I have.

Shocksquatch presses the Ultimatrix and gets Cannonbolt .

Cannonbolt: Cannonbolt. Now lets roll these guys away.

Cannonbolt rolls towards the 8 forever knights and knocks them all flying, knocking them out. Rook wakes up. Cannonbolt then rolls towards the mechanical robots and hits one of them, but nothing happens. Cannonbolt stands up and then gets kicked towards the wall near Rook and falls to the ground.

Rook: Maybe Cannonbolt isn't a good choice, maybe change into another alien.

Cannonbolt: I don't know what other aliens I have. Plus I have something which Ben doesn't.

Cannonbolt presses on the Ultimatrix symbol and the symbol turns into the ultimate symbol. Cannonbolt is now Ultimate Cannonbolt.

Ultimate Cannonbolt: Now lets see what these guys can do against me.

Ultimate Cannonbolt rolls towards one of the mechanical robots. The robot fires missiles which bounce of Ultimate Cannonbolt's armour and hits another mechanical robot and destroys it. The forever knight in it lands near Rook. Max and three other plumbers enter. They look at the 2 mechanical robots which are remaining.

Max: Take them robots down.

Rook: With respect Magister, Jon has this under control.

Max: Where is Ben?

Rook: Down that corridor, he and Ester went after 5 other forever knights.

Max: Right.

Max and the other Plumbers run towards the corridor and go down it. Ultimate Cannonbolt rolls along the wall with both mechanical robots firing at him. He bounces of the wall and between the two robots and the shoot each other and the robots are destroyed and the two forever knights are in the rubble of the destroyed robots. The Ultimatrix times out and Ultimate Cannonbolt transforms into Jon. Jon and Rook then run down the corridor. At the end of the corridor is a huge room. The 5 forever knights are in this room with powerful swords and cannons at their disposal. Ester is lying against the wall injured and Max and the Plumbers are firing at the remaining forever knights with no avail. Ben, as Bloxx, tries to defeat them but to no avail either. The Omnitrix times out and Ben turns back into Human.

Max: This is no use. We can't defeat them.

All the Plumbers par Ben and Max get hit with cannon like energy balls. The Plumbers are on the floor unconscious. Jon and Rook enter.

Rook: Magister, what has happened here?

Max: They are destroying us, no matter what we do.

Ben: I'm not sure if you have any juice left in that Ultimatrix but I'd use it if I was you.

Jon: No duh. Right.

Azmuth, from Jon's dimension, teleports in. He is next to Rook and Ben, sitting on Max's shoulder.

Azmuth: Now don't say I'm here, I want to see if he has improved and if he is worthy of getting all his alien transformations back.

Ben: I hope so, otherwise they'll win.

Jon (Not noticing Azmuth): Right, analyse the area. A few pipes around the area, containing water or cement. That will be helpful. Main objective is to get the power core for Esters hot spot. Right, so the best alien I have in my play list for this job is.

Jon slaps the Ultimatrix down. He transforms into Diamond Head.

Diamond Head: Wasn't even sure this one was in the play list.

Diamond Head fires some shards at the forever knights. Azmuth's delight from Jon analysing the room has now turned into a frown, showing disappointment at Jon's actions. The forever knights fire an energy ball at Diamond Head. Diamond Head then fires controlled shards at the wall connecting them up and curve it towards the energy ball flying towards him. The energy ball hits the curved diamond structure and rolls along it and then also rolls along the wall. The energy ball bounces off a metal beam and lands near the core, which is behind the forever knights, and then it flies towards Rook, who catches it. Then Diamond Head aims his arm at the pipes and fires diamond shards at it. This pierces the pipe and a lot of water is falling on the forever knights. Diamond Head then slaps his Ultimatrix and turns into Polar Smash and freezes the forever knights where they are. Azmuth, still on Max's shoulder, now smiles and teleports away. The Ultimatrix times out and Polar Smash reverts back into Jon.

Jon: So how was that?

Ester (Getting up): That was amazing.

Ben: Let's get out of here before they defrost and wake up.

Jon: Surely we should get rid of their weapons?

Rook: The cold temperatures will internally freeze the weapons.

Max: Making them useless. Lets get back to HQ.

The screen turns to black and lights up again to reveal Rook, Max and Jon in the Plumber HQ. Ben enters.

Ben: Ester is happy that the core is back, not damaged. She says thanks.

Jon: It's what us heros do.

Rook: The way you transformed into Stinkfly earlier, even though civilians were around, suggests that you are a known hero in your dimension?

Jon: Yes I am. But there is a rumour that there is something dangerous on its way so Azmuth has been sending me on missions.

Azmuth teleports in sitting on Ben's shoulder.

Azmuth: And you have proven your intelligence. Looking at your surroundings to see what you could do was a smart move, I was proud to have seen it.

Jon: You were there?

Max: Only for a short while, but he saw your whole fight with the forever knights.

Azmuth: And since you are now taking things seriously again, user access.

Ultimatrix: Azmuth recognised.

Azmuth: Allow access to all unlocked aliens.

Ultimatrix: All unlocked aliens available.

Azmuth jumps on to Ben's hand and Ben moves his hand towards the Ultimatrix on Jon's left Wrist. Azmuth fiddles with the Ultimatrix a bit more.

Jon: What has that done? Given me master control?

Azmuth: No, don't be silly. I've thrown in some new aliens in there.

Jon: Nice.

Ben: So, I guess this is goodbye then.

Azmuth: Not exactly. Max would it be okay if Jon becomes one of you team.

Max: Why? How will that help?

Azmuth: Realising the responsibilities which would be put upon him will make him better and more ready for the thing heading for Earth in our dimension. With yours and Rooks skills and Ben's knowledge of the Ultimatrix, Jon can really benefit from this.

Max: Yeah sure, I don't see any problem with that.

Ben: Cool, so we'll be working together for a while then.

Azmuth: Don't take this lightly. You can have fun but when you need to be a hero, then you need to be serious. You will also need to listen to Max and Rook.

Jon: Yes Azmuth, I will.

Ben: Why not me?

Rook: Though you are known throughout the Universe, you are not good at planning anything.

Max: Me and Rook will train him. I'll put scenarios in for him which will put his skills of the Ultimatrix to use.

Rook: And I will train him in hand to hand combat.

Azmuth: Thank you.

Jon: Before you go, how is April?

Azmuth: Your sister is still in critical condition but she has woken up. But she is in no state to see anyone.

Jon lowers his head and Azmuth teleports away back to his dimension.

Major Events

Jon enters Ben Primes Universe to train.

Jon is shown to use the Ultimatrix quite well, considering Azmuth's disappointment at his knowledge of it.

Jon meets Rook, Ben, Max, Blukic, Driba, Magister Patelliday and Ester.

We learn Jon has a sister; though she is in critical condition but we don't know why.

Chuck It is Jon's version of Upchuck.

It is revealed Jon has Lodestar in his Ultimatrix


Jon (First Appearance)

Ben Tennyson (First Appearance)

Rook Blonko (First Appearance)

Max Tennyson (First Appearance)

Magister Patelliday (Cameo) (First Appearance)

Blukic (First Appearance)

Driba (First Appearance)

Ester (First Appearance)

Azmuth (Jon's Dimension) (First Appearance)


Forever Knights (First Appearance)

Psyphon (First Appearance)

Aliens Used



  • Crashhopper (First Appearance)
  • Swampfire (First Appearance) (Intended Alien; Bullfrag)
  • Echo Echo(First Appearance)
  • Wildmutt (First Appearance)
  • Bloxx (First Appearance)


  • Jon makes his debut
  • Cannonbolt, Shocksquatch, Stinkfly, Polar Smash, Ultimate Cannonbolt and Diamondhead make their debut by Jon
  • Crashhopper, Swampfire, Echo Echo, Wildmutt and Bloxx make their debut by Ben
  • Rook, Max, Magister Patelliday, The Forever Knights, Ester, The Kraaho, Blukic, Driba, Psyphon and Azmuth (Jon's Dimension) make their debut
  • Jon is revealed to have a sister, though she is in critical condition
  • Polarbear114 has confirmed Jon does not have Eye Guy, Bullfrag, Snare-Oh, Alien X, Buzzshock or Jetray in his Ultimatrix
  • Jon is now training in Ben's Universe; a few days after the events of Weapon XI
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