Joker is a Quinly from the planet Arkom in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. He appears for the first time in the episode: The man who laughs. Ben was trapped in this deranged lunatic for the rest of the episode. He also appears in Fred 40 and Charles 10.

General Information
Species Quinly
Home World Arkom
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities changeling
First Appearance The man who laughs

Physical appearance

Joker is a humanoid alien with the same height of a human. He has green eyes and his color is black and white. His appearance is similar to harlequin. He doesn't seem to have hands but smoke instead. The Ultimatrix-Symbol is on his chest.

In Charles 10, he looks the same but with the color scheme of Firstartman's Joker (because Charles usually wears red) and a red spade on his head. The Polytrix symbol is on his shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

Joker has a strange ability: He can change the smoke from his sleeves. He can change the density of his hands. They can transform into claws, swords, even working guns. He's also very quick and agile.

In Charles 10, he can shape-shift his entire body, even to the point of making himself invisible.


Joker just likes jokes but don't really know where limit is and is there for also a very dangerous ally. But the more Ben uses him, he gets better control over the black alien.

In Charles 10, he has natural reflexes to attack or distract his opponents if they attack him, so he is even harder to control..


  • This version of the image was created by deviantart user "illuminate01", based on the redesign deviantart user "kjmarch" created, based upon the original alien by deviantart user "kiananuva12".


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

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Ben 10: Galaxies


  • into the jungle (debut)
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