An Alien
General Information
Species Elnoudar
Home World Elnouda
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Creating tools from joints
Equipment Anything created
First Appearance The Omnidevice is Found, Part 1
Jointtool is an Elnoudar from the planet Elnouda in Nayvin 10.


Jointtool is a red humanoid alien with holes in his elbows, shoulders, and knees. His head is similar to the Tiffin, and he has three rectangular growths coming out of it. He has short fingers.

Powers and Abilities

From his shoulders, knees, or elbows, Jointtool can create any tool he needs. These tools range from simple machines, such as a hammer or a pair of scissors, to complex creations such as flamethrowers or machine guns. The tools will be connected to his body by metal rods, however, the tools can be disconnected from his body. If a tool comes out of one elbow, it must come out of the other elbow, and the same thing goes for the knees and shoulders.


If one of Jointtool's holes is clogged up, he cannot create a tool from that hole or the corresponding one.

Jointtool's hands are not meant for grabbing, thus it is hard for Jointtool to hold objects.


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