General John Briggs

Ben 10 Heroes of Evolution

NameJohn Howard Briggs
Home PlanetEarth
OccupationMilitary general
FamilyUnnamed grandfather (deceased)
Unnamed father (deceased)
AffiliationU.S. Army
AssociatesWill Harangue
First appearance"Pilot - Part 1"
Last appearance"Pilot - Part 2"

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General John Howard Briggs was a corrupt general in the United States army. He appeared in the two-part Pilot of Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution .

Character Background

Briggs' men kill three alien smugglers and retrieve a gun from them, not knowing the men were Vulkanus' men. They bring the gun and records of Will Harangue's evidence falsification. Briggs uses a secret elevator in his bunker to get to his father's Fort Briggs and store the gun in a secret area behind an interrogation room. He assigns soldiers Terry McAllister and Daniel Peters as guards.

Briggs is later present at the assault of Ben Tennyson as Humungousaur - he orders gas-shooting and chain-deploying choppers to take Ben down. He has Gwen, Kevin and BPD Captain James Rozum kidnapped as well, and following a news report with Harangue, Ben is taken to Fort Briggs.

In order to keep him at bay, Briggs orders amphetamines injected into Humungousaur to drain the Ultimatrix's power. He takes Harangue to interrogate Ben, but betrays him by taking Ben to a lab where he plans to use the Ultimatrix's DNA samples as power for the gun his men retrieved. Outside, however, Rozum's brother comes to retrieve him - another set of enemy ships attack Rozum's troops and send them crashing into the fort. Briggs has Ben, Gwen and Kevin held hostage.

Vulkanus steps out and talks with Briggs - after revealing his true colors and helping himself rather than Briggs' army, Vulkanus overpowers and later kills Briggs upon hearing the latter's protests.

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