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Jinpei Jiba is the main protagonist of Jinpei 10.


Jinpei has red hair, with a hairstyle that resembles the ears of the original Yo-kai along with an ahoge. He wears an earpiece gifted from Natuski Enra, used for distant communication between the club members. He usually wears a uniform for Y-Academy, which has a red color scheme and white-and-red shoes. He also has a casual outfit.

Powers and Abilities

Jinpei is able to jump high in midair which can be done by building up focus energy. Jinpei has an individual power that can expand his hand and land punches with the power of fire. Their powers notably strengthen when he fights with his friend Sandayuu Koma. Jinpei also possesses the omnitrix which turns him into multiple different yokai.


Jinpei met Sandayu Koma at his former school, and the two of them were accepted for Y Academy.

On the first day of term Jinpei and Sandayu meet Matarou and Fubuki and all four of them become friends. After their first day at school, Matarou and Fubuki learn that both Jinpei and Sandayu have powers after they beat some crooks. 

Natsuki later gives Jinpei the Omnitrix and he learns of its abilities to transform him into multiple yokai. When a street gang steals Fubuki's hover shoes, Jinpei and the others go to the gang's base, and Jinpei fights the leader Mera Raido and his sidekick, the yokai Kazuma Shishiguro. Jinpei defeats them and befriends them. 

Jinpei and the gang then go and solve mysterious and defeat threats around the academy. Jinpei soon learns of his omnitrix's strongest ability, to turn him into a legendary yokai hero.


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  • Jinpei is 12 years old.
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