"The aliens are already among us. Strange creatures with unbelievable powers. Aliens are real. But that isn't the amazing part. This is. All of the creatures you've just seen are actually alter ego's of one man, his name is Ben Tennyson."

-Jimmy's voice over in his most popular video.

Jimmy is Ben Tennyson's number one fan. He was able to deduce that all the unknown alien heroes were Ben.



Powers and Abilities

  • Alien Tech Expert: Due to spending almost all of his free time looking for alien activity he knows much about aliens and their technology.
  • Acrobatics: His mother made him join his school's gymnastics team to get him off his computer.


  • Human: He has regular human weaknesses.


June 6, 2006

When he was 5 his apartment building caught fire and he and his mother wear saved by Heatblast. This lead Jimmy to gain an interest in aliens.

February 12, 2012

Jimmy figures out that all of the alien heroes are alter egos of a teenager named Ben Tennyson and he makes a viral video revealing this to the world. Later that day Ben goes to his mother's apartment and tells Jimmy he should not have revealed his identity. Jimmy apologises saying that he thought Ben deserved all the credit for people he saves, including him. Ben forgives him and says that he is impressed at all of the alien knowledge he possess for a normal 10 year old.

March 15, 2012

He gives Ben some relationship advice about Julie.

April 26, 2012

Ben and Gwen go to Jimmy for information on the Forever Knights. He says that he has a friend in the Forever Knights that he play Craft of War with under the username: foreverduke838. He calls him as his castle is being destroyed and he dies. Jimmy tells them where the castle is and they go to find out what happened.


  • Jimmy's e-mail address is "benfan1".
  • Jimmy's favorite food is peanuts. Though Ben is allergic.
  • Like Ben, Jimmy loves the Sumo Slammers franchise.
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