Jimmy Jones
Jimmy (UH).png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 10
Affiliations Ben Tennyson
Occupations Student
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Computer
Relatives Mrs. Jones (mother)
Voice Actor Scott Menville
First Appearance Cold Storm

Jimmy Jones is a character in Ben 10: Ultimate Hero. He is a major fan of Ben Tennyson. He first appeared in the episode, Cold Storm.


Jimmy wears a green hoodie with a white 10 on the black circle behind the straps, and a white shirt underneath.


In Cold Storm, Jimmy called Ben about suspicious activity happening around Bellwood.

In Damage, Ben received another call from Jimmy about Will Harangue.

In the episode, Primary Target, Psyphon captured Jimmy and was brought him to Envoy. The mysterious individual gave him information about Aggregor and his plan to capture Ben.

During the events of Origin and Consequence, Jimmy had a conversation with Ben related to Julie. This conversation, and the events that followed, kept repeating itself due to a time loop caused by Ben's attempt to stop Dr. Animo's machine.


Jimmy is a helpful and supportive kid, giving Ben information when he thinks the teenage hero needs it the most. He seems to be a very smart person at 10 years of age.


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