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Jimmy 10 is a fan series where Ben loses a big fight with the New Negative 10 group that has every Ben 10 villain in it . Ben is crippled for a Year so Azmuth takes his second omnitrix ( He built if something goes wrong ) and brings it to Jimmy . He gave it to Jimmy because he knew Jimmy knows more about then any of Bens other friends an because someone needed to wear to defeat the negative 10 so because there blowing up planets . Jimmy trys to defeat the negative 10 but is not enogh so the plumbers help out but it leads to a humongous where the war last for more than a year in the end the plumbers lose with Jimmy left with the omnitrix against the negative 10 easy is beaten badly and at the last second when vilgax is about to kill him Ben jumps in back on his feet and goes ultmate Heatblast ( his first time ) and he activates Jimmy's master control .

Jimmy's ailens include :



Ba-bomb ( a ailen that shoot's bombs out of his hands that are mini ailens )



Ghost freak



Jimmywolf ( named super bark )

Fu-sion ( a ailen that when thinks of two ailens fuses them together even if Jimmy can't turn into them Like if he wanted Diamond Matter He could still turn into it


Jimmy also becomes good friends with Cooper later In the series. Cooper becoming a official plumber a year before Jimmy got the omnitrix . Cooper was given by Azmuth the watch before Jimmy to have but decided he did not want it . But just in case Azmuth has another watch in case of a situation and plans to give it to Cooper if this ever happens again .

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Jimmy 10