General Information
Species Aerophibian
Home World Aeropela
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid Manta Ray
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed
High-Speed Flight
Fast Swimming
Hypersonic Travel
Underwater Breathing
Neuroshock Blasts
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
Enhanced Strength

Jetray is the Project Re; Bit version of the canon alien of the same name. Like all Project Re; Bit aliens, he is redesigned and has a few changes/additions to his power set.


Jetray keeps his base design of being a humanoid manta-ray, now standing at 6-feet-tall. He is no longer red but is now instead greyish black. His crest is now white and black, arching slightly backward and curling inwards near the ends. The crest itself is segmented by small V-shaped lines. He now only possesses four gills, two on each side of his torso. The stripes on his shoulders are straight. His patagia are now stark white, light blue circles running along the edges. 

Notably, Jetray's limbs are now strangely separated in a way that allows them to fold and compress themselves inwards.

Transformation Sequence

A green orb of energy pulsates rapidly with beams of what appear to be electricity ejecting from it. The center of the orb holds a DNA Helix, which rapidly begins to morph and change. The Helix explodes outwards, causing the screen to ripple intensely. A silhouetted Ben floats with arms outstretched to his sides. A close-up shot of his head quickly reveals it to be morphing, a large crest appearing and bending backward slightly. He brings his arms across his chest as they begin to slim down, merging into three long digits. He spreads his arm once again, revealing wing-like structures to have formed underneath his arms. He leaps into the air, a tail forming as his legs slim down as well, odd segments running along their surface.

He lands, revealing the fully transformed Jetray, who quickly flies towards the camera, marking the end of the sequence.

Powers and Abilities

While still being able to fly, Jetray no longer keeps his ability to travel at hypersonic velocity. Instead, he is able to comfortably break the sound barrier and is able to go much faster if he so chooses.

An addition to Jetray's powers (or more accurately, his biology) is his ability to fold and compress his limbs. Doing this makes him more aerodynamic and allows him to reach greater speeds than he can normally. This is also visually similar to an airplane drawing in its landing gear.

Jetray retains his neuroshock blasts, but the properties of them have changed slightly. When the neuroshocks are fired from his tail, they have the ability to paralyze an individual by over-stimulating a muscle group, which quickly spreads across the entire body. He can also dull pain all together as well as provide what Ben describes as a “burning therapeutic massage”.

The neuroshocks projected from his eyes pack concussive force as well as heat, being more offensive than the defensive-based paralysis shocks.  At maximum output, they can burn through a steel wall.

Jetray is stronger and more durable than he looks, as he is able to tackle opponents at high speeds without much of any damage to himself, also being able to survive crashes at these insane speeds as well.

Jetray has a form of X-Ray vision, which allows him to see through objects. This isn't the ability's only use, as Jetray can use it to pinpoint an opponent's weak spot. 


While a very skilled flyer, Jetray can have problems changing his trajectory once hs traveling at high speeds. This can result in him crashing into objects.

Certain materials are able to reflect Jetray's neuroshocks.

The paralysis Neuroshocks have almost no effect on cybernetic lifeforms.

Species & Planet Info

Jetray is an Aerophibian originating from the planet Aeropela. The rock spires upon Aeropela's oceanic surface acted as trophies for the local inhabitants of Aeropela during the planet's early stages. Aeropela is a mostly aquatic planet, but the beautiful spires that pierced the heavens were rare and whoever could conquer them were the kings of the tides.

Among the sea-faring creatures of Aeropela were the Aerophibians, who seemed completely unremarkable to the point they were almost considered a light snack more than anything. See, on Aeropela brute strength was the key, as long as you were able to physically tear your opponents into pieces you had a place on the planet. But the Aerophibians weren't nearly as strong as the other species...

So they made the other species' strength useless.

The Aerophibians evolved powerful neuroshock blasts that are able to completely paralyze their opponents, making their strength useless. The Aerophibians ascended up the spires, sending any species that dare challenge them crashing back to the oceans with their powerful blasts.

Resting on one of Aeropela's many spires is the Grandium Peak, a mystical location that is the highest point on the planet. Climbing to the top of the peak was a challenge for the early Aerophibians, but decades of perseverance paid off... The Grandium Peak, through means unknown, granted the Aerophibians the ability of flight, making them masters of the land, sea, AND sky.

To this day, the Aerophibians are undeterred in their rule of Aeropela and won't be for a very long time.


  • Jetray's redesign and new color scheme were inspired by the Giant Oceanic Manta Ray (M. Birostris).
  • Jetray's compressing limbs were inspired by the concept of an airplane pulling its landing gear in, but also giving a practical use as well.
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