Jetray is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Aerophibian from the planet Aeropela.


Jetray is a red, humanoid alien with a tail and yellow wings connected to his arms. He has two horn-like detais on the head. His Omnitrix symbol is on his belt.

He wears black sunglasses, like Evfnye in Planetary Voyage.

Powers and Abilities

Jetray is able to travel at lightspeed, an ability Evfnye used to explore the various planets he visited. He is also able to survive in space or in water.

Jetray has moderate fighting skills that include neuroshock blasts from his eyes, which are highly amplified by his sunglasses. At the maximum power, Jetray's neuroshocks can destroy a medium-sized asteroid.

He can propel himself using his blasts.


Jetray is weaker on ground due to his thin limbs.


  • Jetray was unlocked by Evfnye in Planetary Voyage.
  • He was used then multiple times to travel from planet to planet.



  • Jetray is exclusive to a movie.
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