General Information
Species: Aerophibian
Home World: Aeropela
Body: Humanoid Manta Ray
Alternate Counterparts: Jetray
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Enhanced Speed

Hyperspace Flight
Underwater Breathing
Neuroshock Blasts
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability

Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: Re:Start

This is the primary version of Jetray that appears in Earth-83.

He is primarily used in Ben 10: Milky Way Race.


  • Enhanced Speed
  • Water Breathing
  • Space Survival
  • Flight
  • Hyperspace Flight
    • Jetray can enter hyperspace if needed, though this doesn't particularly enhance his non-hyperspace flight speed.
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Neuroshock Blasts
    • Jetray can shoot paralyzing blasts from the stinger on his tail.


Jetray is somewhat similar to his normal appearance, but has a much more manta ray-inspired design and color scheme, having black and white skin in addition to his standard red and gold appearance.

The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


Jetray isn't able to walk particularly well, and his neuroshock blasts are only effective against targets with a nervous system. It is shown in Re:Start that his neuroshock blasts are unable to get through the thick hide of a Sand Ripper.


  • Re:Start - Used to catch up to a Sand Ripper trying to attack a city on Khoros.


  • This version of Jetray is designed to look more like an actual manta ray and less like a mentally impaired frog-bat hybrid.
  • Though he no longer has the ability to fire beams from his eyes, he keeps the ability to fire them from his tail, an ability referencing the poisonous barb of the real-life stingray.
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