Jetblast is an Aeropteron from Planet Dinopteras. He resembles a hawk. He can shoot neuroshock blasts from its tail or its eyes. He speaks in shrieks and roars like Wildmutt. Jetblast is the second alien to be transformed in Lost in Rushmore to save Grandpa Max from Vilgax.




Like Jetray, he can adept in water but not so long. He can go in speed of sound like Jetray which he used in Split Second to get the bomb from Explosion. He also can make small tornadoes which will blow the enemy away. Jetblast's speed depends on how much energy he has in his mind this was revealed in Necrofriggians Endangered where he tried to save Zeszon from being captured by Diablo.


After Ben unlocked Presto, he can use Jetblast as Prestoblast. His wings changes into Blue along with his body.

Ultimate Jetblast

Ultimate Jetblast was used for just speed in Fall of Darkseth (later). He also appears as one of the Ultratrix aliens who are chosen to fight Vilgax. His body becomes a tint of Pink with Violet wings. As an upgraded alien, he can fly or sometimes teleport.


Jetblast is able to shoot orange neuroshock blast from his tail or eyes. He is a very good hand-to-hand combat fighter, especially in flying. Jetray is a speedy alien which Ben prefers to use.


When the blasts are countered, he can be injured. He can't walk, he hops on ground or after being crashed to the ground. In Halloween Nightmares, his power was absorbed by the King of Dread making him useless on both air and earth.

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