Jet Stream
Jet stream by illuminate01-d2w8fq2
General Information
Species Aqualed
Home World Poseados
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Water Based Attacks
First Appearance Better World?
Jet Stream is an Aqualed from the planet Poseados in Ben 10: Alien Alliance.

Physical Appearance

Jet Stream has a humanoid body and the seize of an average kid. His inner body is white. The blue rings are organic tubes filled with water. This water is stored in a water tank on his back. The water tank is connected by tubes to the rings and his head. He have 8 fingers but no toes. In the middle of his hands he had a hole similiar to the hole of Water Hazard. He have also jetsets under his feet.


Jet Stream has all the powers as Water Hazard but he is faster and more agile. He also can use his waterbeams to fly. This with the holes in his hands and his jetsets.


He is very childish and underestimates situations. He is also pretty weak, weaker that humans and his stamina is pretty low. This form is only to use when needed.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 1


  • Credits for the picture goes to illuminate01 from DeviantArt.

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