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Jerald (Jerry) Walker is a Plumber's son and one of the students at the Cosmic Academy.


Jerry is a thin human teenager boy. He wears the Cosmic Academy uniform, a red and white suit. He has brown hair and light-blue eyes.


Due to his parents having passed away recently, Jerry is now depressed and thinks his life is ruined. Nicky Greenwich having a crush on him is the only thing that keeps him from falling into complete depression. Jerry also wants to prove he is the true son of his father.

Jerry also has a secret crush on Nicky, but he couldn't admit it.

Powers and Abilities

Jerry is an expert robot constructor and mathematician. He also has general knowledge about many things, just like Nicky.

Jerry can do complex calculation in mind, as he quickly converted ortex into seconds and then into days.


Jerry has the typical weaknesses of a human.


Jerry's parents died one year before he met Evfnye. His father was a mathematician.

In Just Like The Simulations, Jerry and Nicky met Evfnye.



  • Jerry once stated that he has some side genetic defects.
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