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Jerry is a Plumber that works in the Max's Plumbing Headquarters under the Inhuman Resources Department.


Jerry is a Dorian Mole, who are a mole-like alien species with mustaches. He wears a standard Plumber's uniform.

Powers and Abilities

  • Malleable Mustache: He can control the shape and density of his mustache hairs.
  • Elastic Mustache: His mustache hairs can grow and shrink in length.
  • Strong Mustache: His mustache is strong enough to lift a human.
  • Comakinetic Flight: He can fly by twirling his mustache around like a propeller.
  • Enhanced Digging: He can dig underground much like an Earth mole.


  • Strength Limit: Although his mustache is strong, it isn't as strong as Mole-Stache's.
  • Balance: He can have trouble staying upright while lifting heavy objects with his mustache.


  • Plumber Badge: The standard badge has many features.
    • Universal Translator
    • Communication
    • GPS
    • Radiation Detection
    • Extranet Access




  • Even though he is a member of a species not native to Earth, he was born there making it his home planet.
  • Jerry puts in more overtime than any other Plumber in the galaxy, including Judicator the Super Plumber.