Jennifer-Mercedes Tennyson is the future Anodite-Obsorber-Human hybrid daughter of "Gwen 20,000" and revered Magister Kevin Levin, thought to have been dead through all of Jen's life. She is shown to be wielding an upgraded version of the Assault Omnitrix, likely built by Zennith like Gwen 20's. She is friends with Mitch and Inferna. Her nickname is Sorcera.

She first appears in Ten Plus Twenty.


  • Her favorite alien is Combustiball, which she used four times in her appearance in Ten Plus Twenty.
  • The second half of Jennifer's first name, Mercedes, has been said to come from Gwen Tennyson's future best friend (Stripes has noted that this fact translates directly over to the 20-year-off future of the Alien Universe timeline).
    • At the end of New Girl, a girl named Mercedes Barnes made a debut where she found an invention of Azmuth's that landed on Earth per his demand.
    • In Hooking Up With the K's, Mercedes is spotted again, meeting Ben and later befriending him.
    • In Madame Regle, Mercedes comes to her first movie night with Ben's friends and family, including Gwen. However, the two (Mercedes and Gwen) did not start off on the right foot.
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