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Jen Tennyson (TNO)
Jen tennysn.png
General Information
Species Human
Home Planet Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 17
Occupation Hero
Afflictions Ben Prime
Ben Tennyson
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Eidetic Memory
Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Ben Tennyson (Twin Brother)
Ben Tennyson (Prime Ben) (technically)
Alias Jenny Tennyson
First Appearance 10+10

Jennifer Jenny Tennyson is the twin sister of Ben Tennyson. She is from Dimension 7 and makes her first appearance in 10+10.


Credits to Echoson for base Jen looks similar to Lucy Mann, but with some differences. Her skin is darker and she wears a white shirt with a green collar. She has green eyes and brown hair, along with a green stripe on the side. She wears blue jeans and black and green shoes.


Jen is not serious at all. She, unlike her brother, always tries to be funny and make the best out of every situation. She is very tough at sometimes and wil get mad if anyone hurts or insults her family, friends or her.


Jen first appeared in The New Omniverse episode 10+10. She, along with her brother assisted Ben in helping him defeat their Vilgax and Bubble Helmet and helped Ben get back to his own dimension.

She later appeared again in the episode Double Trouble where she, along with her brother and Ben 23, were recruited by Ben Prime to fight Albedo. After Albedo was defeated Ben as Clockwork sent them home to their dimensions.

Jen returns in the next episode revealed to be captured by Ben X after Clockwork sent them into Dimension X by mistake. They were later freed by Ben as Rocks and sent home by the evil Sunny of that Dimension.


She, like many othr versions of Ben, have an Omnitrix too. She has also been shown to have great karate and other fighting skills. She is smarter than the average human also. She is very athletic.


Whenever her Omnitrix times out, she is left powerless at times until she switches to a new alien or dodges attacks. She is not serious and always tries to be funny.


In Ben 10: The New Omniverse


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