Elma Jen Peterson
Jen peterson.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Celestial Cover
Age 16
Affiliations Anne's gang
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Good with tech, knows how to hack.
Equipment Brother's baseball bat.
Relatives Mom
Aliases Jen - Anne


Voice Actor Grey DeLisle

Jen Peterson is the secondary main character in Anne 10. She first appeared in The Beginning of Everything. She is a human from the planet Earth.


Jen is a tall pale-skinned girl with straight blue hair and yellow eyes. Jen wears a blue shirt with black and white striped sleeves with light blue shorts and blue shoes.


Jen has a monotone and cynical personality but she lightens up around people she likes and she has a special interest in tech. Jen hangs out with Anne all the time in order to get out of the house and she has a weakness for puns.

Powers and Abilities

Jen has been learning about hacking for five years and she can give a good whack with her brothers baseball bat.


Jen has a weak spot on her back and she isn't that fast.


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Family mom dad brother.

Friends Anne, Travis Stella.

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