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Jean Thirteen

By Ahmad 15 without the chains sticking out

This is for the character Jean 13, for the episode see this--> Jean 13



This is non-canon and does not have to do with the series Cassie 12: Omniverse's timestream.

Jean wears a sweatshirt ontop of a white shirt with a collar with orange hair and yellow eyes,He even has on black sports gloves matching his shorts.


Not really is known, except he is good at:

  • Trickery
  • Decieving
  • Pick pocketing

Jean Thirteen even admits he is a creep and a freak in the very episode where he is debuted in,pretending to fall in love with Cassie Benny and be interested in her while absorbing the Aliens quicker than Kevin had.

He used to be a Osomisian.

Jean 13

Here is his first and last mutation------------->

He admitted in Jean 13 of being a Creep and Freak as others called him because of his ability to absorb materials and become them like Kevin is able to do. But in the Episode Negative, His arms are rendered useless to pernament cannonbolt arms by Uncle Stallion.